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My boa appears to be Sick. What should I do?

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  • My boa appears to be Sick. What should I do?

    My boa appears to be Sick. What should I do?

    Instant Solution
    Raise the ambient temperature inside the enclosure to 86-88 degrees!

    Probably the most important health requirement of your boa is the enclosures temperature. These are tropical animals and should be maintained at tropical temperatures of 82 - 92F. My enclosures are maintained at an ambient temperature of 82 ° F. This is the temperature reading on the side of the enclosure AWAY from the heat source. The basking area, side of the enclosure with the heat source, will be 90° to 92°. This allows our boas to thermoregulate. Unless you are breeding your boas, This temperature range should be maintained YEAR ROUND! MOST health problems associated with boas are temperature related.

    Your boa should NOT feel cold when you take it out of its enclosure. Please keep in mind that if your boa is regulated at an average of 84 degrees in their environment, remember humans are 98.6 degrees, so the boa, when held by us, will appear colder than we are which is normal. They should not feel ice cold however.

    Raising the ambient temperature to 88 degrees will help sick boas recover more rapidly.

    Also the humidity level should remain between 50 and 60 % at all times. The difference between 50 and 60 % is actually geographical. Areas like Texas should be around 60%. California should be around 50%. This humidity level is extremely important to the health of our boas. It insures proper shedding and health.

    Remember there is no substitution for a visit to your vet. Sometimes only a visit to the vet and the proper medication will allow your boa to fully recover.

    Here is a quick link to learn more about at home treatments.
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