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*** 7th Annual Father's Day Contest - Zaphod42 ***

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  • *** 7th Annual Father's Day Contest - Zaphod42 ***

    Welcome to the 7th Annual Father's Day Contest!

    This Contest is being sponsored by Maddox of Outworld Reptiles

    Maddox is a great friend of the RTB community, so be sure to let @Zaphod42 know you appreciate her!

    IMPORTANT: This contest will run until END of June, so start your daily voting now.

    We will call this a Sponsor's Choice contest. Maddox will announce the contest prize at her discretion OR she might just keep you guessing until the lucky winner is declared, so stand-by and enjoy the anticipation.

    Anyone can vote, but the winner must be a member in good standing with the forum. Remember, the more active you are the more chances you have to vote.

    This is a 100 square matrix contest so please place votes with numbers from 1 to 100 and make sure you read the following information to understand the rules of the contest.

    All voting is done in this thread.

    Start your voting and good luck!

    REMEMBER: Any NON-VOTING posts will be deleted

    Here are the contest standard rules:

    This contest is part of a member appreciation. These guidelines cover the contest rules. FREE Vote Participants must be a registered and active member of the forum.

    FREE Votes work this way.

    Rules of this contest:
    1) There will be approximately 30 days in the contest.
    2) The contest will consist of a 100 square matrix (numbers 1-100).
    -- Important - Vote with a number not a word.
    -- The search is for the number (numerically) only.
    -- Words will be ignored. Example: Vote 15 not fifteen.
    3) Every day each member can vote for ONE square (number).
    4) Members should vote for a unique square (number) each day. Members cannot edit posts so make sure it is correct.
    5) The built in forum date and time stamps are the only guidelines to determine day/time of entries.
    6) It is the members responsibility to ensure votes are unique to the date entered.
    7) Maximum votes for any one member during this contest will be 30.
    8) All votes must be in this thread. Any PMs, IMs or other posts do not count.
    9) Voting will end June 30, 2015, around 11:00 PM CST (approximately).
    10) Elimination round voting will be used for any finalists, if multiple members choose the winning square (number).
    11) The winner or finalists will be announced on or near June 30, 2015.
    12) Finalists must be available on or near June 30, 2015 for elimination round voting if necessary.
    13) Winner must be a member in good standing with the forum membership and administrators.

    Contest holder reserves the rights to reassign the award to runner ups in the contest should the need arise. This includes, during and up to, any additional time required to ship the boa.



    Additional rules and guidelines:

    Participants must be willing to pay the shipping fees, which average between $50.00 - $70.00 (approximately). We will only ship the winning boa within the continental United States. If you are not a U.S. resident read the last section in this post.

    Each person is allowed a single DAILY free vote during the contest. Any member with multiple user accounts will automatically be excluded from all contests (and potentially banned from the forum). All votes must be submitted in the contest thread itself. If you submit a vote or votes that are outside the guidelines above, I will ignore them. You cannot change your vote(s) once submitted. I will NOT notify you if you vote for the same square (number) more than one time.

    IMPORTANT, you cannot edit or delete your post once submitted so ensure it is accurate before you submit your reply to the active thread. Submitting a second post requesting a correction on a number/vote posted in error will NOT be counted.

    There are 100 possible squares in this contest. Increase your odds of selecting the winning square by voting every day during the contest.

    All communications and your selection must be done via the contest thread in this forum. This form of communication provides both parties with a date and time stamped copy of the vote. Members must respond uniquely each day. Additional votes that are time stamped on the same "forum based" date/time stamp will be ignored.

    The first round allows each qualified member to cast a vote for which NUMBER they think represents the WINNING NUMBER. You will enter the number in the forum thread that you think is the winning number. Round one ends before, on, or near the contest end date. At this time, I will determine if more than one member has selected the WINNING NUMBER.

    If a single winning vote is the result of round one, the winner does not need to be available to win the contest.

    If more than one member selected the WINNING NUMBER, we will enter round two of the contest. Only the members that selected the correct WINNING NUMBER from round one will continue into round two.

    It is important that all finalists must be available at contest round one completion in order to participate in the upcoming elimination rounds. If a member is unavailable during this time, their elimination round votes will be forfeited.

    If no one has correctly identified the WINNING NUMBER by this time, I will narrow the field of possible choices and everyone will enter round three and everyone will get a new vote.

    If necessary we will continue to narrow the choices until we get a winner by means of a round four, five, etc.

    I reserve the right to modify the contest rules as needs require. I also reserve the right to cancel this contest at anytime.

    ************************************************** ************************
    Forum Members who are NON-U.S. residents: Although I do not wish to disqualify your entry into this contest, it is unavoidable because of the shipping constraints imposed on the sponsor. If you are not a US resident and you would still like to enter the contest, you are welcome to do so, understanding that if you win the contest you must award the free boa to another member of the forum that participated in this contest that lives in the continental United States. You should understand that the boa cannot be shipped outside the continental United States; so, should you decide to enter the contest and win, your option is to select any of the U.S. resident active members who participated in the contest and award the boa to them or auction the boa to contest participants to generate funds for the forum itself. Think of this as your turn to give joy to another member

    If for some reason, a NON-U.S. resident wins, and fails to award the boa to a U.S. resident either free or via an auction, I will award the boa the the runner up contest winner.

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    Re: *** 7th Annual Father's Day Contest - Zaphod42 ***

    Woo Hoo! #1 please. Thank you.


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      Re: *** 7th Annual Father's Day Contest - Zaphod42 ***

      I'll kick it off with 2 please and thanks. Appreciate Maddox too!


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        Re: *** 7th Annual Father's Day Contest - Zaphod42 ***

        I'm take 47 please!


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          Re: *** 7th Annual Father's Day Contest - Zaphod42 ***

          7 for today, thanks


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            Re: *** 7th Annual Father's Day Contest - Zaphod42 ***

            56 for LT and me!!!!


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              Re: *** 7th Annual Father's Day Contest - Zaphod42 ***

              71 today please and thank you!


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                Re: *** 7th Annual Father's Day Contest - Zaphod42 ***

                13 today please


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                  Re: *** 7th Annual Father's Day Contest - Zaphod42 ***

                  I would like number 22 today please.


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                    Re: *** 7th Annual Father's Day Contest - Zaphod42 ***

                    I'll take number 33


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                      Re: *** 7th Annual Father's Day Contest - Zaphod42 ***

                      22 please. Thank you.


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                        Re: *** 7th Annual Father's Day Contest - Zaphod42 ***

                        87 today please and thanks!


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                          Re: *** 7th Annual Father's Day Contest - Zaphod42 ***

                          I'd like number 33 today please.


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                            Re: *** 7th Annual Father's Day Contest - Zaphod42 ***

                            I'll take 34, thanks.


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                              Re: *** 7th Annual Father's Day Contest - Zaphod42 ***

                              5 today please