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    I want to order the 421D, but I want to know what kind of heat sources I should get. I live in NE Wisconsin so it is kinda cold. My roommate and I keep our house kinda cool at about 64 deg's to keep the heat cost's down in the winter since our house is insanely expensive to heat. I have 2 UTH's right now, but they seem to go out on me every 12 months. Should I get the radiant heat panel?

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    Re: First time Boaphile

    give jeff a call and ask him. he'll be able to tell you what you'll need. i'd guess 2x heat.

    i can assure you one thing, though: you'll need to pick a room (preferably small) to put it in, and put a space heater in it. 64 is WAY too cold for a snake room. mine is 80

    i'd recommend an oil-filled radiator heater from walmart or lowes. they're $40 and work GREAT. a nice comfy heat, too. doesn't suck the moisture out of the room like a ceramic heater will. on the 900W setting, mine heats a med sized room to 80 when outside temps are in the 30s. GREAT buy.