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  • RHPs which to use with...

    Currently looking to upgrade my snake enclosure.

    Im indecisive between the 421 and 422 cages for but my questions are about which RHP to get with each

    Im looking to get basking temps to about 90ish and my ambient between 75-80

    I plan on using a florescent in a timer mainly for cycleing.

    Id prefer not to have to use belly heat but may end up doing so.


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    Re: RHPs which to use with...

    hey! welcome to RTB...

    if you haven't already, check out the ultimate care guide on the left side of the screen. great info for both beginner and experienced herpers alike!

    as for you question, you're getting them from the boaphile, i assume?

    if that's the case, give him a phone call and talk about it with him. he'll be able to give you WAY better advice than most of us will. he's always more than happy to help customers like that.

    when you call, be ready with your ambient room temps: near the floor, near the ceiling, and in the middle. he may ask you for some more info, but those are good starters.

    hope that helps!


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      Re: RHPs which to use with...

      also, please take a few minutes and check this thread out...

      if you haven't yet heard, our hobby (and many of our jobs) are in danger of being legislated away. there's a bill in the federal senate that would ban the import, export and interstate transport of 9 large species of constrictors including BOAS, burms, retics and anacondas. this would OUTLAW you from taking your boas across state lines for ANY reason, and would BAN you from buying or selling boas across state lines.

      please help us out and follow the steps in the thread and get your family and friends to help, too!


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        Re: RHPs which to use with...

        I'm using the "1611 Panel Complete" RHP from BoaPHile on all my 422ds. I run belly heat also but that's because my "snake room" in the basement is 60-65 in the winter and 70-75 in the summer. I run both of them at the same time.

        When I called Jeff about my heating concerns a lot of what he told me was based off the room you hold the snakes in average temp vs what you want the cage to be.