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Flexwatt Heating Issues

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  • Flexwatt Heating Issues

    I recently received my 421D with the 2X flexwatt heat mat. I set it all up with a thermostat and was only getting temperatures of 84 degrees Fahrenheit with my infrared gun. I tried plugging it directly into the wall and it only reached 88 degrees. I've been reading other forum posts all over the internet and I keep coming over the same solution; the connection of the cable to the mat might not be complete.

    Any help would be appreciated. This is my first experience with flexwatt and I thought it was supposed to get upwards of 110 degrees.

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    Re: Flexwatt Heating Issues

    If you can get to the 2 clamps that connect to the tape. Check to see if they are pressed/pinched down tightly. If they are not just try to pinch them with some pliers. BE SURE TO TEST IT BEFORE YOU PUT ON THE ENCLOSURE. If you can not do this then just by a new one there are reasonably priced. (Reptile Basics) Hope you find this helpful.


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      Re: Flexwatt Heating Issues

      Definitely make sure the connections are sound.



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        Re: Flexwatt Heating Issues

        I had problems with flexwatt heating up uniformly on my last rack. I'm just using pre built zoo med/rbi pads for this one and they are doing fine.