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Cage ideas....

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  • Cage ideas....

    Ok. I am going to be building my boas house, and have gotten some great ideas on here. Have a few questions though..

    First, any specific types of wood, NOT to use, other than Cedar???

    Can you put a UTH, "under" a wooden enclosure? Or, would a human heating pad be better, inside. I use a heating pad for my iguana. He loves it, and will even crawl underneath it at times. He also has a red heat lamp, which I need to change to a CHE, just havent done it yet.

    Any type of glass that is preferred over another? I was figured plexi for the doors *there will be two*, framed in wood. Any likes or dislikes with that? Do you prefer regular glass, or something else?

    For the iguana cage, I just coated all the wood with polyurethane, but I saw mentioned on here, to use polyacrylic or something like that. I cant remember now. I was half asleep when I read it last night.

    Branches....would one from a Apple tree be good? Or maybe manzanita? I have two apple trees, and a pear tree. Iguana got a huge branch from the apple tree already. But, it needs to be pruned, and nothing is too good for my snake!. LOL

    Shelf......about what dimension should the shelf be? Do they have to have a shelf?

    Hide box......I was thinking of making a pretty big one, so I wont have to remake one later. Should it be sized to just fit the snake? Or, does that matter? Do they feel safer if its more enclosed?

    I am planning on making a good sized enclosure. Probably 5'-6' long, 3' deep, and 4' tall or so. That is flexible. Just depends on what my mood is when I draw the plans up, for my hubby and his dad. I do want my girl to have lots of room, and be able to have whatever she needs. The iguana cage is 3'Dx5'Lx6'H so, whats one more big cage right?

    Thanks to whoever answers me I really appreciate the help. Back to reading threads, to see if I can find my answers.


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    Re:Cage ideas....

    Hi Virginia,

    Wow lots of questions...LOL.. OK lets try to answer them for you..

    You can use any type of wood except Cedar.. I prefer Birtch or Oak, but Pine is ok. I suggest you get sheets that are say A-B grade, less knots and smoother to work with.. You will pat a bit more for A-B then say CDX plywood, but its worth it.. I prefer 3/4 inch..

    Yes you can put a UTH under the wood, just make sure to use a rheostat to control how hot it gets.. I prefer Flexwatt and run it half the lenth of the cage..

    I also prefer to use Polycrilic because its water base and less toxic. You can use poly urathane but you will need a solid moth to air dry and run the heat to make sure it has no fumes.. I prefer the polycrilic because not only is it water base, it drys faster, and is safe to run 2 weeks later. I use upto 10 thin coats on the inside and about 5 on the outside.. works great..

    You can buy the branches or go get them outside.. just make sure with any branches from outside, soak them in 10% bleach mix for an hour, dry over night or until fully dry. and if you can bake the branches in the oven at 250 for an hour.. Just keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't smoke or burn..

    Shelfs are fine, but not needed. I use the hides I make as a type of shelf.. Most shelf people make run along the back of the cage and about 1/3 of the depth of the cage..

    Snakes do better in hides that they can feel all sides when they are in.. If its too big, they just might not use it..

    No problem making the cage bigger then they need, but you may want to rething the height part. A height of 4 foot will be real hard to maintain proper temps and humidity..

    Hope this helped..



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      Re:Cage ideas....

      Once you go Boaphile you never go back! ;D

      TAT 8)


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        Re:Cage ideas....

        Steve hit it right on the nose. I am surrently building an enclosure right now that 6' x 2' x 2'. I'll throw a link so you can see it. ;D 8) Good luck.;threadid=3286


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          Re:Cage ideas....

          Thanks Steve! See, I told ya when I had questions, I would have them Ok, how about 3' then? I dunno, 2' just looks too small to me. hehe I havent noticed any fume smell with my ig cage, but its pretty open, and huge, so that could be why. but, if polycrilic is better, then that is what I will use You were very helpful! Thanks very much

          Tat, sorry. I am really picky about my stuff, and I just dont like the look of a Boaphile. I looked at them last night. I like to help make stuff, and then it can look just how I want it I am glad you are so happy with your cage though

          BadBoyJay, I saw your enclosure! Its beautiful Gave me some ideas for my own

          Thanks guys.



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            Re:Cage ideas....

            No problem Virginia, anytime. That was my first try at building my own enclosure and its turning out better than I expected. I'm back to work now so the finishing touches are going kinda slow but when it is finished, i'll post more pics of it to kinda help you out. ;D 8)


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              Re:Cage ideas....

              That would be great Jay! I am a good plan drawer, and can generally see something, and then draw it to my specs. Cant wait to see more pics of yours! You are doing a really good job, for your first try