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  • Snake room questions...

    Okay. So we finally found a house and we are moving in January 1st. This house has a full basement which I am going to take over of course.

    I am planning on framing, wiring, plumbing, insulating etc. for a snake room in the basement. I have a few questions and I am open to suggestions.

    I am operating under some maximum capacity assumptions. I am planning to eventually have fatt Staxx with 421d's on top. This means I will need two thermostat probes, one in the stack and one in the staxx.

    1.) I was thinking about putting in carpet to insulate the concrete floor. Do you think that is a good idea? If not what other suggestions do you have? I can also do tile and warm wire underneath which may be easier to clean but I don't know if it is worth the extra work involved.

    2.) My plan right now is to run a new circuit and run outlets down from the ceiling for each stack. I am also planning on running outlets along the walls, but the plan is for the power for eack stack will be supplied from an outlet directly above the stack. Can you wire all the flexwatt from the 421d's together and just use one plug? I would like not to have to use powerstrips if at all possible because I think they are an unnecessary failure risk. What is the minimum number of power outlets it would take to run the thermostats and flexwatt for a fatt staxx with 421d's on top?

    3.) How much clearance is necessary between two rows of cages? I was thinking 3 ft. but I don't want it to feel too cramped.

    4.)I was planning on heating the entire room with an oil-filled heater connected to a thermostat. Will this be enough heat for a room of this size? There is a rough draft pic(not to scale) of my ideas below that I threw together quickly in a paint program. I realize it may be a little overkill, but I want it to meet my needs for a long, long time.

    5.) Do I need to do anything to promote air circulation or proper ventilation?

    Please any suggestions or comments are very welcome.

    Of course, when I first build it, it will look more like this:

    Edit: I may end up scaling back from a 3 row , 4 column set ut to a two row, 3 column set up which would make the room approximately 18' x 18'. Of course, assuming that a stack/staxx setup can hold 6 males and 5 females, This would reduce the ultimate capacity of the room(not including babies) from 264 snakes to 132. I personally doubt that I will ever own more than 132 snakes including adults and subadults that I intend to keep. What do you guys think?

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    Re: Snake room questions...

    Hey Josh,

    Your set up plan looks nice to me. The one person that could really help you is the Boaphile him self. I think 3 feet will be plenty of space between the stacks of 421's. The fat staxx having tubs in them may possess issues when trying to clean them and what not. You may want to give yourself a little more room.

    You are going to need a power strip off of the thermostat to power the stacks. Jeff can tell you exactly how many 421's and fat staxx you can run from one thermostat.

    Congratulations on the new home!


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      Re: Snake room questions...

      Radient heating in the floors is nice but there are a few things to consider, you won't be able to heat the whole room with it as your snakes on the bottom will get too hot, it is quite a time consuming project and once the wife steps on it in the winter she wont let you rest till the whole house has it! It does add equity to the home. I think the space heater should work fine as long as you get a model that has a 1500watt setting. I would also suggest installing a ceiling fan to promote heat and air circulation. Other than that the only other thing I can say you should get would be some garden hose and a shopvac, they make cleaning day sooo easy!



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        Re: Snake room questions...

        Where I previously lived,I built a snake room in the attic. I ran quad plugs around the room. The plugs on the left were run through a built in timer you put in when you wire the room. Than ran the lighting. Nice to have it automatic! Other plug was constant. You only need one plug per stack. You can use a Johnson Controls with the power strip on it to run the whole stack. For the heat I had a 240V heater that is built in to the wall. It has a built in fan to circulate the heat. This worked great in a 14x16 room.
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          Re: Snake room questions...

          I don't even know where to begin, but I guess for now I'll just say if you like
          aspen the way I do. You will not use any carpeting. I have carpet I vacuum and
          with in hours or less there is always more Aspen on the carpet. I have Aspen
          all over the carpet all over the house. So carpet doesn't work well with
          Aspen. I'd go with either basement bare concrete or some form of tile
          or sheet goods (vinyl).You can use the space heater method.

          I think you need to use power strips regardless of how you wire.
          I'm pretty certain one thermostat & probe can run up to 20
          of the same cages, So 20 staxx per probe, 20 421d's per probe
          Always better to run it by Jeff though.

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            Re: Snake room questions...

            I would rather do one stack per thermostat. If you have one fail you only cook 5 boas,not 20! Plus you will be running at max wattage for the thermo and I wouldn't trust it.


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              Re: Snake room questions...

              Originally posted by HopingForBabies View Post
              I would rather do one stack per thermostat. If you have one fail you only cook 5 boas,not 20! Plus you will be running at max wattage for the thermo and I wouldn't trust it.
              These thermos have built in shut offs to prevent over heating BUT you never know, with that being said I think everything everyone said sounds good but what HOPING said by far is the winner (IMO). I always liked the common sense aproach, It is usually the best. I wonder if I hit my other thumb with the hammer if it will hurt like that one
              I love your layout looks like you will have it really nice.


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                Re: Snake room questions...

                Johnsons are only like $80 each. Better safe than sorry! I like to do as much automated as possible. Plus you can alter the photoperiod as you wish.
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                  Re: Snake room questions...

                  1. Carpet would be nice, but if a snake poops on it you have a nice mess to clean up. I would use heated tile or some type of heat under linoleum flooring. It's easier to clean than tile.

                  2. You will need power strips to run all the flexwatt, it needs to be wired separately. Call Jeff, he'll be able to tell you how many total thermos/outlets you need for that setup.

                  3. If it were me, I would leave 4 feet between the rows. With slide out tubs, you'll probably feel a little cramped when you're getting a snake out.

                  4. The heat sounds good, but is there any way you could add a vent from the furnace in the house? I did this in my basement for the snakes and it works like a charm.

                  5. I would add a ceiling fan or maybe one fan bringing air into the room and one expelling air. This ensures that you always have fresh air in the room. I would put the fan blowing inward high on the wall and the fan blowing outward low on the wall. This will bring warmer air in and expel the cooler air, which should help keep a constant temp. Kind of like a grow room setup but without all the filters (not that I would know anything about that, just what I hear)



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                    Re: Snake room questions...

                    Now that depends on if it is a furnace or boiler. A boiler you can ad a seperate zone and baseboards pretty easily,but if it is a furnace you can ad vents,but not control the heat in that room very good. If it is as large as it seems,it will heat alot slower than most of the other rooms in the house and will still need suplimentle heat.