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  • Heat Tape question

    Im building 3 x 2 Melamine cages and to my understanding i can just Flexwatt heat tape for best results in heating the cages.... i just need to know how much i need to use per cage.

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    Re: Heat Tape question

    Heat tape is the most economical, but for best results you should use a radiant heat panel(RHP) or a combination of a radiant heat panel(RHP) and Flexwatt Heat Tape...If your room is maintained warm enough you can get away with just heat tape especially if you are building it 1 foot high. If your going 18 to 24 inches high then you will probably need something to heat the ambient air

    But if you are going to use just heat tape go for the 11 incher or you can use 2 of them going horizontal which would to cover an area of 1'x2' or 1/3

    you will need to solder them and not use the clips, Put a piece of plexiglass over and seal all 4 edges with silicone...and you need to place your Thermostat directly over this.....