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    I am starting to run out of room for my lil guys, so i think i am going to do a racking system in my home, i have read some of the posts here about heat tape. I have no clue where to get this stuff, is it something i can pick up at the home depot or lowes? if not where. also other things i would need to go with it and make it work. Placement would i affix it to the wood rack, tank or tub, do i make something to put the heat tape between kinda like a heat pad, and wiring do i wire all the racks together or does each rack run on its own.
    I would like to start this asap but me being a woman lol i know nothing about this stuff. can anyone help/

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    Re: heat tape

    what i would do is look up some you tube videos of snake rack systems and heat tape.
    You will have to order it from places like It is easy to do but
    watch the videos and then when you have more questions come and ask.
    Cause this thread can go awhile with tons of rack system ideas.
    the easiest is a melamine shelves with tubs and heat tape under the tubs taped to the


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      Re: heat tape

      There's a sticky in the Environment forum that should give you some good information

      Some links:
      Flexwatt Heat Tape - Reptile Basics Inc
      Product Listing Heating
      Buy Flex Watt Heat Tape for Less

      You run it along the length of the rack, creating a hot spot under each of your tubs. Each run will need its own power cord which will need to be plugged into a thermostat to regulate the temperature. Definitely read through the environment forum to see what people have to say about Flex Watt and the various thermostat options. Hope this helps.


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        Re: heat tape

        Your best bet is to buy a rack. But if you are good with that kind of thing then you should be fine. Good luck


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          Re: heat tape

          boaphile plastics has racks and heat tape. or racks with heat. check them out the link is on the left on the home page here. Jeff Ronne is a pleasure to deal with and his products are highly reputable. he is on youtube also and shows his plastic cages and racks. the or