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Preparing branches for my snake?

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  • Preparing branches for my snake?

    This is probably the wrong area of the forum to post this but i wasn't sure where to post it so moderators can move it to the right section.

    so i have collected some branches from near by woods to use in my tank with my RTB and was wondering if there is anything i should do to sanitize them or anything before putting em in the tank? they've been drying for a few days and are completely dry but i don't want to put them in the tank yet because of bugs or possibly disease going to my snake. i cant boil them because there to big for a pot lol should i bake em or will i burn down my apartments? clean with bleach or is that unsafe for snake? thanks for any help

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    Re: Preparing branches for my snake?

    Some where on here this topic was brought up already. You can bake them but don't remember the temps to do it. Someone will chime in and say something.