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  • Plexi-glass for doors...

    Hallo everyone!

    I'm going to go to Tapp Plastics tomorrow to get a quote for the plexiglass I will need for the doors on my cage. What I'm not sure on is the thickness I should get. Six doors will be 10''x36'' and three doors will be 10''x72''; although I'm thinking of making the bottom three cages with sliding doors because I'm not sure if I want a door that big. The bottom section will also be about two inches off the ground so I'll have to be careful not to step on that door accidentally if I have it open. I've been going back and forth all day about making them sliding doors or single doors that fold down. I don't have the money to start building the cage until next weekend so I get to torment myself with things like this all week

    Also I would like the doors to consist only of plexiglass, so no wood frame around it. Are there hinges specifically designed to work with plexiglass? I really like the hinges on Boaphile cages but I've never noticed anything like them in the hardware store. I love Boaphile cages but they are way out of my budget
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    Re: Plexi-glass for doors...

    i use 6mm plexi