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Debating future homes for BCI

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  • Debating future homes for BCI

    Hey all! So I have a male Central American BCI. He has been with us for six months now and has grown a bit, so I'm getting ready to get his "mid size" home and preparing to pick his adult home. But I'm having a very difficult time. I'd like to get something tall enough to install branches and vines in in case he wants to climb. I also want to be able to install UV lighting. I originally wanted to go with boaphile but they don't have any cages that are tall enough. So here are what I'm thinking about getting.

    For the middle cage: All Access - the largest one.

    For adult cage: APcages A25 (48x24x48)

    His breeder was Brian form BHB and he told me to expect him to get to ~4 feet long. He's already quite long but still slender.

    Do these seem like good choices? I love the look of showcase cages and the good reviews on boaphile but neither company makes a cage that is both long and deep. I do plan to expand my collection over the years but right now Nanda is my primary concern. Do APcages stack with boaphile cages? My partner is also getting into reptiles after watching me work with Nan and coming to reptile shows so he has a female BP who will need an adult cage as well.

    Just looking for where to start I guess!

    And of course a few pics of our scaly ones!

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    Re: Debating future homes for BCI

    You can try looking at Hannah @ CagesByDesign.Com or take a look at Animal Plastic Custom selections