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Boa terrarium with live plants II

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  • Boa terrarium with live plants II

    Hi everybody, second and last part, this is Tisiphone's lair... you can see the cruel spirit preparing for vengeance by striking from the branch like she already did once. (She's scared of her own shadow actually... give me a month )
    Tisiphone 1 had a special move represented by a snake 2 she was the most beautiful seya 3 she had green hair 4 she tried to kill her dad. We've got a name...
    There is still A LOT of work to do: loft(s), proper shielding of the light (it's on just when I have direct sight on the baby at the moment. That means always. lol), climbing plants, pourings, sealing, hinges for the doors etc etc etc etc but I think it's already worth a look.
    I can't wait to make the 3x1,5 mt one, I'm gonna put whole trees and rivers in that one!!! *.*
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    Re: Boa terrarium with live plants II

    They look very nice!


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      Re: Boa terrarium with live plants II

      Thanks, I just hope she's gonna realize asap that she can't climb on Orchids XD she already tried twice! But just because she's scared of everything now, shee just moved in, she wasn't being handled properly as often happens when the breeder has 100 or more boas etc. Btw it looks like she understood half way, there's a chance...
      ps: I discovered flowers fragrance is better than cigarette stink. o.o (not cigar of course, there's nothing better than a cigar) I think the climbing plant is going to be a flower.