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My new Boa setup

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  • My new Boa setup

    Having never owned a Boa till a week ago, just thought i'd check to make sure my set up was all alright. He's a year old CA Dwarf, a little over 2 foot.
    The viv is a Vivexotic 21x18x16"
    I was using a heat mat with the probe on top of the bedding, but the temps were all over the place and ambient was terrible! So i bought a Habistat radiant heat panel thingamabob. Bit on the pricy side, but people seem to rave about them online and i love how hidden they are! It's holding pretty solid at 29-30c, and 24-25c on he cool end. I might put a vent on the cool end to drop that down a little.
    It's being controlled by a matstat, but i think swapping that for a pulsed thermostat would be better. It's
    I don't have anything to measure the humidity with, but i give it a spray once a day.

    So yeah, any comments or problems??

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    Re: My new Boa setup

    Hey TJ, nice looking setup!

    I like those branches so he can get some good excercise.

    The only problem with winging it on the humidity without a hygrometer and misting is that it is not consistent. Right now I can do a real heavy mist and within 1-2 hrs the humidity will drop 20-30%. So did that one mist really do much good? Who knows?

    For less than $15 US you can get a decent digital combo Thermometer/Hygrometer. Or for less than $10 you get a decent analog cigar humidor hygrometer off EBay.

    You really need to get a Hygrometer.

    Also I noticed the wood paneling. Keep an eye out for mold in the Seams and edges down the road.



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      Re: My new Boa setup

      That's a nice looking setup