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    I am building my own cage and have a few questions.
    1. What to build it out of?
    2. What do you do for lighting and heating?
    3. Ventilation?
    4. What to do for a neat background?

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    Re: Cage Questions

    In short order.
    1) I built mine from melamine. But you can also use plywood, but you'll have to seal it.
    2A)I don't use any artificial light. The boas don't need it. Not that you can't. But you don't have to.
    2B)I use flexwatt heat tape wired to a Helix thermostat. But I live in a very mild winter climate. You may also need a radiant heat panel.
    3) Drill holes or cut and screen vents.
    4) I didn't use one.

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