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Need some caging advice.

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  • Need some caging advice.

    Hello all! I was hoping to get some help with what I should do for caging adult female boas. I have 3 that are in enclosures right now that I built myself. I want to move to a rack if possible but I live in Canada and apparently its near impossible to find anything bigger than the sterilite under bed containers. My main concern is if I can use colored plastic tubs (like rubbermaid roughneck tubs) that I can wire lights into or do they have to be clear? Or if anyone in Canada has found clear ones large enough to house large females, please do let me know. I may just end up building new stack-able enclosures out of melamine if I can't get help here.

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    Re: Need some caging advice.

    You can use the colored plastic bins. Cut out a panel in the side and epoxy in a clear panel of equal or higher thickness so they won't think the clear side is a way out. Let them air out for a few weeks. It is easiest not to put lights into the racks because they just aren't needed.
    I assume you have done your research on proper rack systems and you have all that figured out if your only concern is the opaque plastic.


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      Re: Need some caging advice.

      I'd avoid using opaque containers as all living things do better with normal light cycles, and lights "inside" a cage are dangerous & a tragedy-waiting-to-happen. If I were you I'd build, but you might also look into
      those professional plastic stacking cages that are sold flat in pieces (way cheaper shipping!) that you assemble yourself. Gluing pre-cut pieces shouldn't be that hard, & easier than building from scratch. Also, the
      end result is so much lighter to handle than those melamine/wood cages built from scratch.


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        Re: Need some caging advice.

        This time of year WalMart has VE-175 Christmas Tree tubs.


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          Re: Need some caging advice.

          I've been looking into ideas about building a rack for adult boas, and the options for large clear tubs is definitely slim. Here are a few options:

          Vision Products - The boa tub isn't too expensive, but not as big as I'd like to use. The python and medium tubs are great sizes, but super pricey.

          ARS Caging - Also have some large tubs, but their site is kind of hard to get around.

          Freedom Breeder - FB148 and FB166 are excellent tubs, but again they're not cheap. I'm probably going to wind up going with one or the other of those when I get around to it.

          That's all I've got off the top of my head, hope it helps.


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            Re: Need some caging advice.

            Home depot has what you need, material to build your own rack system. I helped a friend do his system but if you want something already built i would say try cage by design or boa master