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  • ??Monster Cages??

    I've been saving up my $$$ and most importantly got the thumbs up from the Wife. Converting my garage into a snake room / man cave (mainly snake room) So like most of you at one point or another. I've been going down the line comparing racks and cages, of all the more popular builders.
    In the past I kept my boas in aquariums and homemade wooden cages. Not to most ideal aesthetically or for regulating temperature.
    I haven't found much on Monster Cages (reviews) and I was wondering if anyone here has any first hand experience with any of their cages. Can't wait to pick a builder and place an order!
    (I'm leaning towards 4 to 6, 8' cages with dividers)
    I'll appreciate any words of wisdom, Thanks.

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    Re: ??Monster Cages??

    Cage by design does pretty good work but very expensive.

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      Re: ??Monster Cages??

      I have two of the 96"x30"x18" enclosures with center dividers that I purchased (well) used locally. The prior owner bought them for Burmese pythons ten years before I got them. I had to apply silicone caulk to the bottom edges so they wouldn't leak, no big deal considering I paid $800 for the pair which IMO was a steal.

      - These are very sturdy, mine are stacked with four BoaMaster melamine enclosures on top of them and they are holding up just fine.
      - They are half the weight of my BoaMaster melamine enclosures of the same size.
      - The center dividers make them great for keeping breeding pairs.
      - They hold heat and humidity well.
      - They are easy to clean and disinfect.

      - They only have the drop doors rather than sliding doors so we had to build a platform for them to sit on. Otherwise the door for the bottom enclosure drops halfway and hits the floor, which makes cleaning the back corners difficult (it's a long stretch). And of course, that's where the snakes always seem to "go".


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        Re: ??Monster Cages??

        I've been to the shop where those cages are made. Matt uses HDPE plastic and the cages are built well.

        Look at Monster Kru on Facebook and you will find some cages and prices there.

        Matt also has a really nice line of SD retics.


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          Re: ??Monster Cages??

          Check them out here.