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Cleaning Day at Doug's house

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  • Cleaning Day at Doug's house

     Well the day I dreaded finally came the big guys meesed up the new cage IN a BIG WAY.. hehe
     So daddy doug had to find a way to clean this cage.
    I borrowed (she aint getting it back)  the hand floor spot cleaning device with a handle... And it worked great I put a wet wash cloth over the brush and went at the smear marks on the wall and the urates on the formica. It was spot less in minutes , the only problem was getting the GUyana' back in the cage.
      Geeze they are a pain at times..

    Geez open the door and they come at you...

    Holley was hanging by one of the heaters in the back.

    WHew finally done all the smelly stuff oout of the house fresh clean paper, now if I can get the Guyana's back in the cage....

    I held each of them for over thirty mins on the couch and they stil wanted to stay out..

      This cage makes that seven foot female look small..they booth have that pre-shed look alittle dull oh well well take somemore pics post shed. to feed or not to feed its been about three weeks according to my feeding cards.. hum,,, they are pre-shed, the female will eat in shed the male he's alittle problem child,he's the one making it for my arm with the door open

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    Re: Cleaning Day at Doug's house

    That is a great cage how much did it cost you.... I would lov' a cage like that one...
    Eric aka....Red


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      Re: Cleaning Day at Doug's house

      Mr flippin rocks built that cage for me it was the first really large cage he' built my spec's were alittle different than what  he was used to.
       the floor space is 42 in deep and 72 inches long , the shelf is the same size with cut outs for heating and climbing .
        They seem to be settling in.
       It most wood exterior and fomica  interior this makes cleaning a breeze, this cage is the base cage next year i plan to order a second that will fit right on top of this cage. The wheels are extra and he had to build the chec covers and get the ceramic outlets.
        it went alittle over budget, but it will be the final cage for my two guyana's to live in as long as i last.  the total cage was around 780.00 and I paid him to deliver around 120.00 that fedex wanted to much and he lives about 200.00 mile from here so he dropped it off and helped assemble it ..\ here's apost about that ..
      and another about the spec's
      the only problem is the weight, It would be worth the money to rent a u-haul and pic up the cage and drive it home.
       It should last a really long time and uses very little power for heat because it mostly wood.


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        Re: Cleaning Day at Doug's house

        I live in oregon... Would it still be cheaper... I was thinking air fraight... Then I would just have to pic it up at the air port....
        Thanx doug... I will get ahold of him and ask about the pricing and stuff...
        Eric aka....Red