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Columbian Boa and a Boaphile

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    Re: Columbian Boa and a Boaphile

    First of all I am not knoking Lori I never said that
    Hmm.. I'd refer to this post you made as "knoking" MOI..IMO of course..
    I am not looking for negative feedback expecially when you have no idea about what you are talking about. People like you are the ones who drive people away from this hobby
    Let me be the first to clarify EXACTLY how much I wouldn't have any idea what i am talking about LOL.

    I have 25+ years experience with reptiles. ALL of those years include the Boa Constrictors. The BCI was the first reptile I ever kept.
    Contrary to what you may think you know...I DO breed reptiles...YES .. even the BOAS. My specialty is the circle backed BCI's btw even. Most of my females clutch out at an average of 32 in a clutch. My ratios fall in the area of [ cb = circleback]
    cb : cb = 90% cb's
    cb : norm = 40%cb : 60%norm
    I am currently working in the area of breeding of the BCI's with a male that is a proven breeder for pastel/cb/and hoping to prove a striping occurance which took place as being a genetic one.
    I am also working on a breeding project with Guyanas atm and hoping to carry through and produce some ladderbacked high pink babies in clutching from the ones I am currently working with.
    I also breed other reptiles as well.

    I do education in regards to reptiles also. I have been the presentator for wildlife rehab courses people take for becoming licensed/permitted for such , in the area of the reptile related aspects for such.
    I have also been an educational advisor for our local zoo in the area of reptiles and also have a breeding project in the works of being set up atm for the purpose of reintroduction of a specie of snake that is on our state's protected list where I live.
    I am the education link for our local a/c officers here in my city in relation to reptiles. I have also offered to take their reptile calls and get nagged on a weekly basis by some of their officers to become more involved with them.
    I also am working on getting more involved with our state audobon society in the area of reptiles as well. I recently had a visit from a couple of the Audobon's society personel [ last week] and had a great educational tour of my facility with them. I also took in some chelonians from them at that time as well.
    AND YES.. As you have figured out..I also do rescue/rehab/adoptions with reptiles as well.

    GEESH...I must have some knowledge and also be doing something correct huh?? lol

    Oh and NOPE.. people like me are the ones that take our time to try and help educate others in the hobby from our past and present experiences..and failures so that others may enjoy what we have so obviously endeared in relation to keeping herps.

    Your temp are wrong that might be what they say, but ask someone who breeds them for a living and not someone who adopts them. I will trust Kevin and Paden.
    I breed em also and I still say that the temps I was refering to are inadequate for keeping a BOA/BCI/Columbian Boa at IMO. I don't know this Paden person that your refering to, BUT I DO know Kevin from NERD quite well and shall ask him what he's up to suggesting such temps on a BOA. I missed meeting up with him this weekend, but I should be able to connect with him sometime this week though to find out np.

    ARe you a friend of Bob Clarks ? If you are I hope you were not affected
    What you seem to "lack" in knowledge is that MANY of us loong time keepers in the herp world know each other, some of us don't though. No matter what though. We respect each other and carry ourselves on public forums with a certain degree of "respect".. No matter who's forum it may be. Whether I am a friend or not of Bob Clark's has no bearing here on this forum at all...therefore...shall remain unanswered.

    NOW.....From an admin/moderator standpoint on THIS forum..Please conduct yourself in your posting with some semblence of respect towards others ..that includes admins/mods/members. TYIA.

    The Boa Constrictor Manual.
    Viper's suggested reading is a great one for anyone thinking of keeping a BOA


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      Re: Columbian Boa and a Boaphile

      I think if I remember right.(I have not been in nerd in a while...) But I do belive that he ment that your cage on the cool end can drop that low at night... Not all the time... I think clay say's this on his care guides too and the boa constrictor manual does too.. well I hope this clear's things up for you draco... and your friend is the best in the world.? can you show us some of the stock he has.. So we can make that decision... since we do have the largest breeder of boa constictors in the world come here all the time... He may be able to tell you if that stock is of real quilty or not...
      Eric aka...Red


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        Re: Columbian Boa and a Boaphile

        By the way,  Lori has COMPLETE control over these posts, and may delete anything, anytime, anywhere.  She is an extremely respected voice in our industry and has my complete confidence.  I will not allow anyone to flame her at my forum.

        Again I never delete someone having opposing opinions, for example Lori and I do not agree about everything, but you NEVER see me saying "Lori does not know what she is talking about".

        I have deleted a couple of posts in this thread already, so keep it clean and keep it on point.  State your view and "let it ride".

        Anyone using harsh or flaming language will simply be deleted.

        Any one that flames someone's name or ideas, will also be deleted.   It has been that way on this forum for almost 3 years now, and will continue to be so.
        To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

        -Best Regards
        -Clay English
        Founder 1998-2013


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          Re: Columbian Boa and a Boaphile

          She is an extremely respected voice in our industry and has my complete confidence. I will not allow anyone to flame her at my forum.
          THANK YOU CLAY!

          for example Lori and I do not agree about everything, but you NEVER see me saying "Lori does not know what she is talking about".
          YUP..LOL.. There are a couple things that Clay and I have "disagreed" upon in the area of RTb's hehe. BUT You would never see either one of us "downsiding" the other one. It serves no purpose what so ever IMO. I respect Clay and what he has accomplished in the world of reptiles. AND He has not gotten this far without a "clue in life when it comes to the reptiles which he works with. There are differences of opinion that will come across at times in relation to certain aspects of keeping herps. Sometimes what works for one person, just doesn't work for another..vice versa also. No matter what we do though, we ALWAYS keep the health of the reptile at the for front. Our temps may differ by a few degrees, but I think we can all agree that keeping an RTB at 90 degrees or + is NOT a good thing. Other things.. weeell Clay and I for one example have agreed to disagree on some things. BUT we also have agreed that what we do works for us and our herps are healthy with what it is we are doing also. AND such is done with no derogatory flaming to say the least, let alone any level of disrespect toward the other person. Afterall....isn't such a thing what makes the world go round ??? Peacefully that is btw.

          Clay.. I have also deleted some referencing on the forums to Bob Clark myself that were made by draco. AND IF it is done again.. I shall do so again.


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            Re: Columbian Boa and a Boaphile

            I didnt mean to "knock" you Lori it wasn't my intention. This is my fav fourm and do not like being deleted. I am sorry, but Kevin and Paden have both told mean I am correct on my temp. What do you think they sould be at? When I get a digital camera I will post Padens Boas. Lori you could learn alot from Paden I have seen his work he is better than anyone I have ever seen by a long shot. I will tell him to start posting stuff here. You will see what his boas look like. And then you will want one, but it will cost you both arms and a leg. If I had even close to the kind of money it would cost to own one of his boas I would buy one in a heart beat. I have had a bad time with Bob Clark so I am just in a bad mood. Don't know if I am a loud to say that cause it seems yall have strick rules. Hope we can still learn from each other. I have never traded and animal and I think that was an insult to me. We have the same outlook on the "selling one to buy another one" and I dont think you would be very happy if people started saying that you just got tierd of one so you moved to the next one. If Clay loved a Boa since you had bought it and had been offering you alot more then you payed and he was going to breed it and give you a % of the offspring would you do it? It's a personal friend as well so I dont even feel we I have parted from Draco.


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              Re: Columbian Boa and a Boaphile

              No hard feelings then draco842, everyone gets in a bad mood every now and then.

              I think what kevin and paden ment is 82 on the cool end and 92 on the warm end. These temps are fine. They are in the temp ranges I listed on a previous post which was 80-85 on the cool end, and 90-95 on the warm end.

              It sound like you are all set.
              Sound like all that is left is to decide is whom to buy a boa from.


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                Re: Columbian Boa and a Boaphile

                Well were all in the hobby together and we just have to keep each other in line. Or something like that. I need to buy a Boa from each breeder I know and then we'll all be happy.


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                  Re: Columbian Boa and a Boaphile

                  What do you think they sould be at?
                  I keep both bci/bcc at basically..
                  78/82 low
                  85/88 high
                  88/92 basking spot
                  That's barring breeding ones of course. The ones in breed are kept a bit differently.

                  On humidity I keep them at ..
                  bci = 55%
                  bcc = 65%

                  Sure, tell Paden to post a bit on the site and show us what he works with and all. No matter how long we have been keeping.. herping is an ongoing lesson IMO.
                  Here's a pic of one of my prized boas...She's in breeding atm ;D This pic is her actual coloring that she displays most of the time..

                  This pic is the purple/blue that she shows as some of the time...

                  OF course ..along with her looks she has a regular PMS schedule as well. LOL.


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                    Re: Columbian Boa and a Boaphile

                    Where does he sell his snakes now.?? does he post anywhere else...?? how does he sell his snakes??(inter net, show's, pet shop's, or pet stores..) What are the different kind's of snake he breeds...??? Is this guy a breeder that breeders get there snakes from or is he a breeder that pet owners get there snakes from...??
                    Eric aka...Red
                    does he have any pic's on line at all if so please give a pic... I would like to see the best boas in the world... I lov' pic's... there are the best thing about other people keeping snakes... lol


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                      Re: Columbian Boa and a Boaphile

                      LORI, your boas are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! You must be so proud!!


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                        Re: Columbian Boa and a Boaphile

                        Wow ;DThat is one beautiful Guyana Lori.I have found Guyanas to be one of my favorite snakes and that picture just makes me jealouse... s34.gif j/k...I think my Colombian Red Tail just heard me.


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                          Re: Columbian Boa and a Boaphile

                          I hope I have a snake with that kind of color when I buy a guyana in 2 or 3 years. Paden breeds alot of stuff he isn't as big any more cause it's more of a hobby now. He enjoys burms and red tails. Those are the ones I have seen from him. He actullay breeds them for more of the high end. Like display quality. The doctor I go to owns one of Padens. He is based out of houston and since he has cut back I am not sure he has an active site. I talked to him and he said that he will post some pics when he gets some time. I am sorry about being a jerk guys.


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                            Re: Columbian Boa and a Boaphile

                            I am not losing money and he will recieve a better home then can give him.
                            I guess the question I have is...if you couldn't give this snake a good home, what would change that you could give a boa a good home? ???


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                              Re: Columbian Boa and a Boaphile

                              Larry does have a point.......


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                                Re: Columbian Boa and a Boaphile

                                His home is as good as anyones. But I dont have 1000 dollar cages like Paden. I have like 4 foot cages not 10.