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Hi, My new cage is almost finished

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  • Hi, My new cage is almost finished

    HI ,
    this cage is being built for me,
    here's the comments from the Builder about the material he uses .
    {{Hello Doug,
    I dont mind you posting at all, feel free to show it off your cage as it pleases you. I would however appreiciate not distributing plans on how to make it.
    The 6'L x 3'-6"W x 2'H = 42 cubic feet / 21 square feet without shelf
    As For materials, I searched out the best anyone could buy. The hardwood is all hand picked and color matched.
    The plywood used is 15 ply russian birch which is made with water proof glue but only cages 5 feet and under as it is only availible in ¾"x5'x5' sheets.
    Your 6'x3'-6"x2'  utilizes 13 ply russian birch which is made in the same fashion.
    Divide 15 or 13 into ¾ to find the layer thicknesses and you will see how to validate stating "waterproof". Not that it wont turn colors if no finish is used in coating it, thats one reason for laminating the interior with or and soon to come colors. Which provides great eye candy, maximum protection, clean up ease, and even better yet its properties on absorbing heat. Otherwise a good paint job or stain and clear works just fine or even just Thomson water sealer for added protection.
    The Plexiglass used is ¼" extruded with very high heat toloerance for heat before even seing shape deformation....I know... someone kicked my space heater against my personal fully laminated plywood cage and it was there atleast 6 hours before I noticed it with extreme rage.  You can barley notice the tiny bulge & I did get it a little staightened out by pressing a flat object on it while it was hot. Never the less, I was impressed on how it held up under the circumstances.
    The ¼" steel mesh screen is special order heavy duty & galvinized. Any rough spots are deburred or thrown away and then its painted with high quality appliance paint which provides a non abrasive & slick durable coating. Black is standard..other colors can be specified as long as they are dark colors.... (cant see through the light colors)
    On the plywood cages I use galvinized heavy duty keyed clasps that can be painted.
    On oak cages Brass is the norm.
    When assembly time comes you will see its pretty easy to setup the 6 basic parts (7 w/shelf). I will send instructions with the cage itself for reference. All that is required for assembly is a square drive screwdriver or screwgun.
    Keep in mind, the front, back ,sides & shelf can be swapped out for color changes and/or other part types.( Example: swapping lauan sides out for shatterproof glass cut locally. Ordering a new shelf with specailized cutout that has been thought up during a new setup game plan in existing enclosure....ect)

    Nick Cucchiara}} Mr flippinrocks is also his login here.

    Here's an almost finished picture of the cage, this cage is designed to be the base unit for a second cage that will be stacked on top. same exact model no wheels.

    Here's the built in CHE fixture that been built in the cage .it will have screen cover installed to protect boa noses.

    I already have a thermostat  ready to go in the cage and two 100 wat CHE's in a box ready to instal , I ve also bought a double thermometer and humidt measuring device electronic at walmart The 19.99 model I'll put the external or second probe under the shelf, PS this thermometer lights up tooand records temps and humidty for 24 hoursr real useflul for tracking excesses ..
    I will test this cage for a week to be sure there's no excessive extremes that may require modification or addition of infared heat pads under the shelf.
      This cage is so well insulated I don't expect to have problems heating.
    notice the screen covered adjustable vents he utilized plexiglass pieces I can add pieces or remove outside to allow increase or decreased air flow into the cage.the reason they are so low is to prevent heat loss heat rises this will allow some air without losing heat . really neat.
      doug   Can't wait to test this cage.
    in closing I tried to build a cage picked the worst material ,,had big problems with openings and that plexi is difficult to find in the right size and a tad expensive. never worked with formica or been good at square corners yea I could have built a box would it have worked proably not..
     Here's his web page its under contstruction.

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    Re: Hi, My new cage is almost finished

    I can't wait to see some pic with those snakes of yours in there. ;D Good looking cage you have there


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      Re: Hi, My new cage is almost finished

      Is that one a boaphile inspired cage...??
      I like it.. The wheels are teck...
      Eric aka...Red


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        Re: Hi, My new cage is almost finished

        I'll be getting a similar cage when my babies grow up in a few years. Are the holes in the shelf big enough for your guyanas to pass through?


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          Re: Hi, My new cage is almost finished

          Everyone has ideas about what a boa likes, the one thing Ive noticed are my guyana seem most happy when wedge in a narrow space IE hide or even under the news paper.
          The like to climb so the shelf give them that option, I hope the che's will heat the entire cage, I have a couple extra infared heat panels not being used if needed .. But if the cage is mostly 82 why increase the wattage demands.
          This is a new design for flippin but I believe you could stack two more cage on the base unit and stil get in the top one.
          this is an excellent use of space for breeding stock and in my case just a large place to live it will take up one wall of my snake room but thats ok i have more bedrooms hehe . We'll see what the guyana's think, the cages are being shipped in three seperate boxes the heaviest will come ground freight, the formica and plywood are tad heavy.. :P


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            Re: Hi, My new cage is almost finished

            really kool cage im building one like that, but mine is going to ba just about a foot or two taller.good job on it ;D