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Question on Tank "Accessories"

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  • Question on Tank "Accessories"

    Hey guys,

    I know it's been a while since I've posted here. However, I'm back to get the opinions of more experienced people than myself.

    I have been helping a friend of mine "rescue" a beautiful boa from this one person who didn't take care of it and didn't feed it right and lots of other problems (not going to go into it cause it'll make us all mad! > ). Now the boa is doing well, however we are trying to get the tank setup all taken care of this week.

    Now, my friend was asking if he would put live plants in the tank with the boa. Any opinions on this? I assume that this could be done, however I wouldn't know what is safe and what isn't. If anyone could give us some ideas on what to do with this idea for decoration, then I'd greatly appreciate it. I might even look into this myself if it all works out well.

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    Re: Question on Tank "Accessories"

    I would not put plants in with a boa getting rescued... but after words it is fine... there are some plants that can handle the weight of a boa but not many..., They also tend to be big plants... If I was you I would get some of those silk or plastic plants because you can wash then with the cage.... The plants in the cage will promote bacteria, mold, bugs, and Chances are the boa will sqish the plant and kill it....
    I hope I could help.


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      Re: Question on Tank "Accessories"

      Didn't think about the snake crushing the plants. haha. Yeah, I'd probably not do it. But thanks for your help.