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new cage at about 85 percent comlpetion

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  • new cage at about 85 percent comlpetion

    hey guys and gals as you know by reading my other post i am building a cage for my boa, this is the second one i have ever built in my life, and the first one came out alright but this one is coming along so much better. i am posting a pic of what i got done, i cut 6 inch by 3 inch vents on the sides for ventelation, and sawed put 11 inch circles for the 10.5 inch dome lights, i also cut a hoel in the bottom of the cage and fixed a spare piece of plexi down for the heat pad to go under cause i didnt want wires running out of my tank. i have sealed the inside edges with tub and tile caulk and have done it twice, it is ariing out now. well i thought i would post a pic, they are nothing like clays, cause that guy is awesome to have time to do what he does, but i am a rookie and buy the time i build my other four i think i will have it down to a well let me know what you guys think, all i have left is to install the doors and weather seal the edges of the doors, and turn the heat on to check to make sure i got the right temps, and then decorate it.

    thanks for reading and please respond and let me know what you think be it good bad or indifferent.


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    Re: new cage at about 85 percent comlpetion

    Nice cage... I like it... are you putting a boa in that... If so you probley could have went with smaller vents.. They may make it hard to keep the humidity up... but if you live where the humidity is already high then those vents are nice...
    Eric aka...Red