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    I have noticed after visiting Clays new tour of his facilities and the Boaphiles web site that they now use aspen or spme sort of tree shavings in their breeding cages. I was just wondering if there is any reason for this change? Also how do you feed gravid boas on this kind of substrate snice your not susposed to mess with them while they are gravid?



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    Re: aspen substrate


    Well since you are the FIRST to mention the new Facilities tour, you get $25.00 off your next boa. ;D

    What you are seeing is Cypress Mulch. I have had issues during low humidity season here in Texas (breeding season) with keeping the proper levels. This cypress mulch has really helped that situation. Breeding and gravid females really like the mulch and the extra humidity.

    As far as feeding gravid boas on the existing substrate, it is actually very safe. The cypress mulch is rather large pieces, not small shavings, and the large boas do not have any trouble with the mulch. Large boas and medium to large feeder rats do not cause a situation where the substrate comes into play.

    I still do not feed babies or young boas on anything but newspaper because they are prone to dragging the prey through the substrate somewhat and sometimes they do not lift the prey off the ground like almost every adult boa will do.
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