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New cages coming this fall

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  • New cages coming this fall

    I amlooking for a display quality cage for my Guyana's, and I found this.

     I have asked about building a cage 6 high,by 4 deep by 8 ft long.. They are getting back to me
      this material is aluminum and plexi so shipping is no problem it will be a giant erector set.. With a couple che's and a couple uth's it should be toasty.
     ps they are building some awsome bird enclosures,too

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    Re: New cages coming this fall

    Very Nice Doug!!,

    How is Holley by the way?? Did you get another Guyana besides her? I've been out of the loop for a while. Hubby's been traveling, so I've been a single Momma with 4 boys, 4 boas, 2 dogs and a hamster since May.

    I have one of the old Cage by Design catalogs. Guess I need to get a new one. Do you keep more than one boa in any of your enclosures? We have the 2 male and 2 female in the same 135 gal aquarium for right now but I know in 6 mos. we'll have to get at least another and get one pair out.

    I'll need to check on the price of those!! I seems silly to spend so much on a boa then keep it in blah enclosure.

    Well, I'll catch you later...tell Holley and the rest of the Zoo hello!!

    Mrs. Z


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      Re: New cages coming this fall

      Hi Mrs Z,
       thought of you often I was going to hunt you down but thought, she's  proably seeing the world .. hehe
       Holley is great and she' has a friend they share a cage, but have seperate hides and water dishes. Sometimes the pile up and Iam wondering HUmm whats up with that???
          Here's some new pics'
      how's your guys doing..  


      here's Samuel the baby I got fromClay

      visit the Album if you like I have a new Braz rainbow boa
      see ya Doug


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        Re: New cages coming this fall

        Doug, how can you heat these big cages? UTH has to be inside of cage because the floor is made from wood. Won't the urine and feces ruin the uth?


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          Re: New cages coming this fall

          What has happened in the past with many of the large cages I ve ordered they have a very thin either formica sheet floor or another thin material, I just duck tape the UTH to the outside of the cage and then press it in place with some sheet wall insulation this helps hold the heat and after a few mins the floor warms up just like glass does in some tanks this has worked for me especially under hides. The I'll replace 1/2 of the lights in the top of the cage with che's and cycle the uth and che's together with a thermostat set 1 inf rom the floor to cut out at 82-84 degrees. All my cage so far have this style heat uth and either che or heat pads above.
          If the floor has really thick material then a couple pig blankets for the big one under the hides would work.
          As far as mess I usally line the floors of my cages with couple layers of newspaper and if it was a display I would cover the paper with 1/2in of aspen .. never had the mess reach the floor yet except when the big guys play in the water dishes, I just roll up the paper wipe down the cage with water and a paper towel and replace the paper. Never have any lingering smell after i am done.. Most of my snake have really firm Poo's and urates Looks like that stuff in the litter box from MR kitty hehe :P smells a bit worse though :-X

          doug ;D


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            Re: New cages coming this fall

            Wow!! Those are outstanding!

            If you don't mind my asking, how much does one of those set you back?


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              Re: New cages coming this fall

              Another way to heat these cages (72x24x24 is perfect for boas) is to have a kane heat mat on one side of the cage with a rheostat. Kane mats are 1 inch thick and water resistant so you can place it in the cage. Then you install 2 che's in the cage (one in the middle and one in the other end) with protective guard connected to thermostat set at 82.