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Drastic Plastics?

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  • Drastic Plastics?

    Hey there fourm,
    I am thinking of getting a boaphile cage for my little guy and, just had a few questions? If someone has anypic they could post of the 4' x 2' x 11.5" Drastic Plastic. And give me some info on how you heat it, scense they don't have the recesed bottom like the Classic line does. Also if some one has any pic of the 4' x 2' x 17.5" Drastic Plastic that they could post that would be great.

    Thank you

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    Re: Drastic Plastics?

    He has pic's of them on his web site... There are great and you can get him to put in radeant heat panels or heat tape... other wise you can still just put the heating pad under the cage it will work just fine... I have a 4' x 2' x 17 1/2" with two hating strips and a light with shelf and the right side cut for expandable... It is great cost a bundle but what the hell...
    Well have a good one I don't have any pic's but they are great just get him to put in heating pad's for you...
    Eric aka...Red


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      Re: Drastic Plastics?

      Does this help? This is the info I recieved from him
      Thanks for the inquiry! First let me suggest the 421D cage. This cage is$57 dollars less expensive and uses all the same quality that the 421C uses. The only difference is there is a built in recess under the 421C which you don't need if I install the heat for you. So here is how thepricing would lay out: BTW I have just emailed him about what a Thermostat would run.

      421D -                          $199
      Heat -                           $ 35
      Radiant Panel Installed - $ 60
      Light -                           $ 25
      Expandable End -           $ 25
      Shipping -                      FREE
      Total -                          $344

      However you do not need two heat sources. You can use either the Radiant heat panel or my installed Flexwatt heat. You do not need both but that is up to you.

      Thanks for the inquiry!