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Aquarium problem solving

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  • Aquarium problem solving

    hello herpers!

    pictured is an escape proof aquarium lid. Which happens to be one of my personal setups.

    Notice the glass pitcher full of water with the chinese fighting fish in it. They hold wieght problem.

    now for heating:

    depending on your location and/or overall house temperature (summer or winter) a simple lightbulb is basically all that is needed. Then to assist in temperature control, 2 good variables come into play.
    1. Laminate such as "Formica", "Nevamar" & "Wilsonart" soak up heat like a sponge , but not too much when using a 40 watt (in this size aquarium) bulb to create a basking spot that doesn't bake your pet literally.
    2. The plexiglass cover that the plants are sitting on regulate the temperature with a chimney flu effect keeping the desired "gap" on the other end. Depending on your average household temperature concidering A/C or whatnot, adjust accoringly. Plexiglass can be substituted with just about anything from magazines to towels.

    everyone say this together...."glass is my friend"

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    Re: Aquarium problem solving

    ooops forgot to mention,

    I ussually paint the interior of the light reflector black to cut down on glare on the pets eyes


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      Re: Aquarium problem solving

      Now,I have a glass aqarium and it is absolutely a pain to keep in heat.the glass cools off way to quick.Now,what your saying to do is laminated the outside surface with "Formica", "Nevamar" or "Wilsonart"????And this will keep the heat in???by the way,how old is your boa?


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        Re: Aquarium problem solving

        Hi King!

        I will try and sum it up a lil better.

        The laminated plywood shelf picks up heat from the bulb (s).
        In this 20 long, the bulb is only 5-6 inches away from the surface of the shelf (so i used a low watt bulb in this case)

        A tall aquarium with an 8 to 10 inch shelf drop would require a larger watt bulb depending on what you are trying to achieve in temperature.

        Now, since heat rises, the top portion on the enclosure will be the hot spot & the lower portion will be the cool spot. So, to keep the cool spot from becoming too cool, the top is blocked off according to your perferences. As the heat builds up trying to escape, the heat will collect and keep the bottom at a desired temperature , even with an airconditioned room. (just dont blast the a/c directly at the glass )

        Also, keep in mind that the laminate will pick up heat & distribute in along the entire surface of the top. If you were to test the temperature of the shelf where the light isn't, you would find that is is not as "hot" as the direct light. Yet, still nice and toasty for a good middle ground area in temperature.

        I am assuming you have a large aquarium, so you may need 2 lights to get the job done.
        As with any snake.... they do thier own thing... I have a 150 watt construction light placed on top of a 4Lx1Wx20H show aquarium where the shelf is 10 inches from the light. So , i only need one light, BUT!! I have had this snake for years, & he hardly ever comes out of his hidebox. I wouldnt place that light on a top with a snake that prefers being out in the open.

        And finally, that snake in the photo is a 5 foot male suriname that is approximatly 6 or 7 years old... and he is a daddy! That isnt his perminant home.... but, it did grow up in an aquarium. Keep in mind, a suriname requires higher temperatures than a columbian boa ,meaning, the suriname will regurgitate its meals and/or catch a nasty resperatory infection.

        Please dont laminate the glass


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          Re: Aquarium problem solving

          Thank you very much for clearing that up for me.I thaught you meant that laminating the glass would keep the heat in. ;Dsill ol me.My aquarium is a 60 gallon tank.4 feet long 2 feet high...I still have a tuff time keeping heat in with 2 under tank heaters and daytime and night time heat lamps.Do you know of anything I can do to the aquarium to keep that heat in?.The weathere is changen and getten colder...


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            Re: Aquarium problem solving

            1. got a window air conditioning unit? turn it around in the window and keep the whole room hot

            2. get a small space heater and ,again, keep the whole room hot.


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            its getting cold here too