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Corner PetCabinet Exclusive

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  • Corner PetCabinet Exclusive

    Hi herpers!

    thought you ight like a sneak peek before it hits the website!

    This 3'6"x3'6"x2 (12 cubic feet) PetCabinet come ready for future options!

    It is solid oak besides the shelf with laminated interior, with a plexiglass panel door that can flipped or changed out for other ideas! Plus, it disassebles and assembles with 6 screws in under a couple of minutes.

    Hope you like!

    other photos:
    woodgrain backs

    laminated backs with setup

    full plexiglass or glass (closed door)

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    Re: Corner PetCabinet Exclusive

    They look great! Any pricing yet? .....and, if I may offer some constructive critisism....Your products on the site look great but I, personnally, have a hard time reading the font......i don't know, maybe it is just me.

    Waynesboro, VA


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      Re: Corner PetCabinet Exclusive

      Thanks Larry

      I'm am always up for constructive criticisim, I'm glad you told me about the font style. I was wondering if it was a lil much.
      Just so I am on the same are refering to just the text on the pages and not the navbar, correct?

      Also, This size and style enclosure is $650.00 with:

      2 backs laminated 1 side (reversable for woodgrain)
      Plexiglass PanelDoor
      Shelf  (fully laminated)
      Laminated interior

      price will change for: + or -

      Plexiglass Backs
      Laminated backs (both sides)
      1/4 mesh Panel Doors or Backs

      Also, any side can be the front depending on which side the door (s) are specified.
      Lots of options for interchangable parts.

      If you are intersted in anything..let me know, you can get by shipping being you are so close to Frederick.

      All prices are determined by parts preferences when ordering.

      Thanks for the reply!

      Also, the front on this size is a 5 foot span.


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        Re: Corner PetCabinet Exclusive

        Yup, it is the text on the page I have a problem with. It is Ok for a page title, but to use it for the whole page gets difficult to read (at least for these 46 year old eyes) :

        Waynesboro, VA