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Problem Solving Temp Gradients.

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  • Problem Solving Temp Gradients.

    Forum I purchased a med. sized cage for my Boas, and the number of problems I had getting the right temps surprised me. Even with two ceramic heaters installed in the top of the cage, with thermostat to cut out at the desired temp. I was finding the floor extremely cool to the touch. This was due to the material used on the floor was some type of sheeting that reminds me of Formica. I finally bought a rather large cobra mat and placed it under the Formica floor from the bottom. I also purchased insulation from a builder supply store  
    Large sheets of 1/4 inch insulation I believe its 4/6ft, for walls that have that plaster board. It's very cheap but can be cut with a skill knife or razor to an exact fit to the underside floor or the outside back of the cage. This extra insulation and the cobra mat have stabilized my problems with temp. I was also finding the humidity in the cage very low so I applied duck tape to the outside vents and only allow a small amount of air exchange. When I pour a cup of water on the paper over the cobra mat the humidity shoots up.
      This stable almost incubator like cage has helped my Guyana's shed poo and just thrive.  If you’re planning to keep a large boa, really do your homework. Or your gonna have problems. I know I did.
     The heat for the cage is attached to a reptile thermostat with the probe at the floor in the back near the floor; I tied the cobra mat into the loop because it felt hot to my hand when touched without the paper. It cycles with the che's and I can maintain my ambient to one degree of desired temps. And the real plus is it rarely cycles on...

    Guess who found the warmth of the che's on her back side..  hehehe

    The above pics are of holley around 12 mos, she's doubled in size and girth in the past few months. She wasn't doing really well until I moved her to her new home that is almost an incubator..

    psps I have around 800 dollars in the cage and heater's and thermostat, but holleys worth every penny, and will proably need a bigger cage in a couple years... Something to think about when you see them babies and really want one,, I don't mind though when holey out grows this cage, my hog island (rose) will be ready for a bigger cage...  Can't have a wasted cage cwm27.gif

    new pic

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    Re: Problem Solving Temp Gradients.

    Thanks for the inspiration on using insulation, I thought about experimenting with it a few weeks back and you provided the impetus to make my schemes become a reality...see the "How To Make Your Boaphile Cage Really Ugly" thread for details...


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      Re: Problem Solving Temp Gradients.

      Man thats a killer setup. What kind is it? I own a bp and am about to by a columbian. I was going with a boaphile, but I like yours better.


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        Re: Problem Solving Temp Gradients.

         the company that built the cage went under, proably wasn't making enough money, to bad nice med cage..It was the perfect starter boa cage. :-[
         the good news my guyana is looking good at almost 2 y/o

         same snake as the first pic just 1 year older.. hehehe

        oh yea and the baby hog is 1 y/o this month

         they change as they grow   doug


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          Re: Problem Solving Temp Gradients.

          Beautiful Boas you have there...I was woundering,How do those Boaphile cages keep in heat and humidity?