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baby needs a new house...

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  • baby needs a new house...

    I need to get my baby chloe a new home ASAP, as in tommorrow or sunday.  I want to go ahead and get something really big that way I will not have to keep upgrading, but I don't know if I want to get another aquarium.  I keep reading that they are so hard to keep in the heat/humidity and I'm already having that problem with the 10gal...I want something that looks nice AND can keep in the right temp.  Any suggestions? Also any opinions on the glass aquarium?  If I did get a aquarium would a 50gal be big enough for her when she gets to her full size?

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    Re: baby needs a new house...

     I had four, forty critters ( 40 Gal+ glass tanks with screens)for a while with baby snakes, you should go ahead and buy your final cage for the life of your boa.
     The boaphile cages are awsome and come in different colors.
    your boa will proably spend alot of time on the shelf mine love to climb..

    when you figure in the cost of heat mats and shipping is included, your really saving money.
    Must come with heat tape already in the  base all you need is thermostat, they hold humidty and heat.
      You will never need another cage for your boa, and shipping is free.
     they are stackable if you have more than one boa's

     the kid extra  hehe...(baby boaphile?)
      I have spent 80.oo bucks on each 40 critter plus 50.00 for a good heat mat and another 35.00 for thermostat,and another 50 for a decent stand, the humidty was difficult to maintain and the glass  had serious thermal gradients to hot on the warm to cold on the cool.
      Glass is not the ideal  cage material, I ve owned 4-40critters sold two for 20 bucks each..
     whoops here's  the shortcut almost forgot  duh


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      Re: baby needs a new house...

      Thanks doug ;D where do you get the thermostats?? I like those cages they look nice too.


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        Re: baby needs a new house...

        Hi ,
         one of the better places cost wise is big apple they deliver to your door and they try to expadite the order, I usally get routine ground in three day's.
         I ordered some forzen rodents  form big apple and they are using  rodent -pro for supplying frozen super clean and fresh frozen rats. they were frozen hard on dry ice. much larger than the usual pet store rats.
         here's the thermostat i use its fairly cheap and it has worked very well for me the past couple years.
           I use a electrical strip power surge pluged in to the outlet for the thermostat this will cycle a couple matts up to 400 watts.
          this will save money on thermostat.


        The Electronic Herp Thermostat  
         Go To Description  

        Description Price    
        500 Watt Capacity $29.95 [Add to Quick List]  

        To control or not to control? It shouldn't be a question. Simply put, a thermostat is the choice method of controlling the ambient air temperature and/or basking site of your reptile's enclosure. Big Apple has recommended and sold thousands of these great units because they are affordable, reliable, accurate and automatically control the temperature of ceramic heating elements, heat tapes, heat mats, etc. It's so easy to use... there is absolutely no wiring necessary, simply plug any heating device into the unit's conveniently located receptacle. The simple controls and dual LED displays allow easy setting of your desired temperature. You'll sleep sound knowing that the versatile temperature probe on a 6 foot cord can accurately sense and control any "in the cage" or "out of the cage" heat source. It's also powerful, the Herp Thermostat can control multiple heating devices up to a total of 500 watts. You can't find a more affordable or simpler method of automatically controlling your reptile's environment. Once you set it up, you'll never have to worry about your heating again.  

        psps I always place the thermostat sensor 1 inch from the floor to prevent that initial over heating that may occur.
        if its to high it may take a while for the air to warm around it, you may need a small opening for the sensor on the back of the cage you could ask the boaphile if he provides an opening in his cages.
           good luck


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          Re: baby needs a new house...

          I've been using the same thermostat. I have a 150 watt CHE and a UTH hooked into it. It has been working great and you can't beat the price.

          I, too, have found Big Apple Herp ( ) to be the best place for supplies. They have a huge selection and the prices are very reasonable compared to some of the other net dealers and pet shops.



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            Re: baby needs a new house...

            What kind of enclosure do you have.  An aquarium??  I REALLY like the boaphile cages and they sound like a good deal, but I think I will have to wait quite a few days to get one, I'm not sure how fast they can send me one...I know that I can go and buy her an aquarium setup tommorrow...decisions..decisions.  I feel bad putting her in the rubbermaid container, though she does seem pretty cozy in there ;D.  Nice and warm for her, but not very roomy

            Kinda off the subject, but do you know why there is a lightning bolt by my name? Is that for newbies?? Just wondering...


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              Re: baby needs a new house...

              I use aquariums for my smaller snakes. I don't have any temp or humidity problems. I keep a towel covering about 2/3 of the top, leaving enough room for a CHE. I also keep a container of sphagnum moss on top of the UTH. This keeps the humidity at good levels (provided you keep the moss damp). Also, my snakes will usually go into these containers prior to a shed, and all the sheds are perfect.

              When my new boa grows a bit, I will buy a different cage. I used to have a 4' Neodesha from Bush Herpetological, which I loved. My next cage, though, will probably be a 4' from Boaphile. I like Jeff's design and the cost ($199). I may also get a 3' one for my Ball Python. I like the fact that they are stackable (available space is starting to get scarce her).

              Waynesboro, VA


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                Re: baby needs a new house...

                Alright, I'm getting a boaphile cage!! You guys talked me into it!! My baby will just have to wait it out...It seems like the best way to go ;D Thanks for all the good info! 8)


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                  Re: baby needs a new house...

                  b28.gif Big Larry from Waynesboro,
                  I am from Blacksburg. Right now I am in Ca. though.
                  Well for another 8 months.

                  This ? is for Doug. The Boaphile cage that you posted ( the white one). How big is it and did you say that they come with heat tape? Just one more ? how much do they cost?

                  USMC s32.gif


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                    Re: baby needs a new house...

                    Hey Tatdaddy,

                    Go to the boaphile has alot of diff. cages. I belive that the white one is 4'x2' and the stacked ones are 4'X11.5''. He will install the heat tape for 35 extra dollars. Shipping is also free.



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                      Re:baby needs a new house...

                      I really don't know how much money you have to work with but I'm ready to either build or buy a cage for my Mary Jane (Red Tail) and I was looking at this vavarium so mabye you wanna check this this out. To me it seems like the bently of reptile cages and I'm thinking bout purchacing one. WARNING: the price is not for the tame of heart!!!! I'm looking at the package R1.