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    I am planning for when my snake is an adult so I would like some ideas on what I can use for a hide box for a 7 foot snake. I say 7 feet because that is probably how big my boa is going to get.

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    Re: Hide Boxes

    Well you alway's can go to box's ext. and get some card board one's.. The atvantage is when a 7' boa go's to the bathroom they go.. if they go in the box you can just through it away...
    Also there is a guy on this site that has a cage buiness and he makes real cool hidi box's out of a log and a piece of melamane.
    I know some people that buy kitty litter box's for there burm and just cut a hole in the top...
    A large wicker basket would work real good my snake like's my hampper..
    I would say use any thing that you can find.. Just make sure that it is ether cleanable or tossable...
    Eric aka...Red


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      Re: Hide Boxes

      if you are going to use a hide when your snake it that large than i agree with everything red has said, however personally i feel you probably wont need a hide because as boas grow larger they tend to use there hides less and less. this is one of the good things about boas, when they are large they tend to hang out in the open. however a snake should always have some place it can hide if it feels stressed.


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        Re: Hide Boxes

        I'll just have to wait and see if Rocky uses the current hide box less or not as Rocky gets bigger.

        The only problem is the type of hide box Rocky will use. Rocky likes fancy fake tree stumps that have those fake leaves and stuff on them and 2-3 ways in an out. I have tried to change Rocky over to simpler less decorative hide boxes but Rocky doesn't want anything to do with them.


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          Re: Hide Boxes

           I ve used clay pots for years I take a hack saw and cut out an opening for the boa also take a file to the edges and round them a bit., Make it big so they can fit.. hehe

          both of the guyana are over 6 foot now and have their own hide's

          they manage to fit into one of the pots together occasinally but usally prefer their own, thats why i have 2 hides 2 water dishes
          I ordered a cage with a removable shelf this was where my baby guyana grew up, she like to grab lunch from the shelf a hunting thing Iam sure.

            I ve seen some awsome wood boxes, that poo thing aint to bad if you have a coat of poly on the wood. My Guyana's always poo and pass the pee rocks in the far right back corner of the cage making clean up a snap, I put extra paper in that corner and cover the edge of the cage with paper 1 inch up from the floor , roll up the poo and go..
            My guyana still like her hides at nearly two, now to find bigger pots at lowes.. hehe

             Try some things they aren't real picky.. doug ;D


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            Re: Hide Boxes

            I'm just going to be creative and come up with something of my own design, unless I find something.

            I have put a digital camera on my 'christmas wish list'  this year.
            As soon as I get one I will post some pics of the both my Columbian Boa and my Ball Python.


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              Re: Hide Boxes

              My last boa used to use a hide box even as an adult. I found the best thing to use was a cat litter box, upside down with a hole cut in the side for access.

              Worked great!