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cheap UTH pads !!!

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  • cheap UTH pads !!!

    ;DI was in a local electronics store (Toronto) and i found electric heating pads that are 50W and about 16" X 16" and they even have sticky back tape on them. of course they dont look as nice as comercial products and you will have a little work to do to wire up a few to cover the area and provide the heat required, but at $5.00 each it is worth the work.
    you can get creative with the smaller pads and break the system into zones and add timers and change the heat with the lights and things like that.
    once i have completed the wiring and tested it to my satisfaction, i will add the details on the wiring to this thread.
    I realise that for most it will be over their heads do the type of system i am planning to build, but with a little research and asking question in these fourms, you can get a lot of good advice and build anything you can dream up!