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  • new project decided

    hey everyone
    so i've decided on what to do for my culminating project for my highschool senior project.
    im going to be building a cage (or two lol) based on these plans i found.

    The red-tailed boa is a member of the Boidae family of snakes. The sub-species are simply called “boa constrictors but the dominate species is the

    the only difference my enclosure will have is that i'll be making mine 4x2x2.
    so i just need to get the ok on my proposal and i'll be able to start building.

    i'll be doing updates on the building and such which is mandatory for my culminating project and i'll also have photos of the progress to go along with it.
    so if some of you guys are interested i can put updates up here in the forum as well :]


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    Re: new project decided

    That sounds like a lot of fun - and being able to get credit for it at school is a plus. We always like to see pics of peoples' caging projects. Good luck!