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  • led lights

    Has anyone put led lights in their boa cages for view or for moon lighting at night? if so what ones?

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    Re: led lights

    Pretty much any LED light strip would work as long as you could figure out how to run it into the cage. On a cage I used to have I bought a random LED strip from Home Depot and had an electrician friend wire it up to a light switch mounted to the side of the cage.

    It should be noted that any lighting would be for your viewing pleasure only, as the snakes really couldn't care less about your lights. I hear they have pretty good night vision goggles.
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      Re: led lights

      Originally posted by Jessica
      I hear they have pretty good night vision goggles.
      LOL, you are quite the comedienne Jess!

      I have Boaphiles with the lights and I have to say, they come in handy during cleaning time and when pulling baby boas out of the goo.

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        Re: led lights

        I know. It was only for viewing. not for the snake.


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          Re: led lights

          i use 12 inch led strips and put them on a timer , 1 was bright enough but not super bright in a 4 x 2 x 2 pvc cage... cord is thin so was easy to use in cage and run out the back thru a small hole.


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            Re: led lights

            Thank you Tekpc007