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  • the metamorphosis

    Hello all, I got an entertainment center that I am thinking about turning into a new enclosure, 36"H x 55"L x 22"D would be the housing dimensions. So two questions, am I going to grand to keep Ppropriate ambient temps, and what sealant is recomended for such an undertaking? Construction shall begin tomorrow, I will post pics when I can. Thank you all

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    Re: the metamorphosis

    To answer you about what sealant is needed we might need to know what this is made out of? Many 'entertainment centers' that I've seen are made of coated particle-board, which I'd not recommend at all, as it just
    doesn't hold up to any moisture issues. Are you talking about sealing the wood? or the corners? Also keep in mind that any products you use will 'off-gas' vapors for a while (days to months, depending) that aren't all
    that good for humans to breathe but which are irritating or toxic and which can be deadly to reptiles. So be sure you keep all this away from any current reptiles you have and don't be hasty to house them in this. I've
    done a few 'furniture' conversions & been pleased with the results...such things can work. Just remember a snake is breathing in there 24/7 with often minimal airflow...if you can smell ANYthing, think how strong it is for
    them. If you can smell anything, it needs to be aired out until you can't...and then some.
    You want to use only products with very low VOC (volatile organic compounds)*. The cabinets I 'converted' were solid wood stained & sealed years before to which I added the necessary features to be snake homes.
    *Hint: Things that clean up with water are much safer than those requiring solvents.


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      Re: the metamorphosis

      Read, heard a d understand. I'm going to use the interior of the entertainment center as a shell, and line the inside with oak plywood. Plan to zeal the wood, and the edges/corners. What would you recommend for sealant. Going to use flexwatt for belly heat. Now what I don't know is if I should but an overhead heat source or not? If so, a ceramic heater or RHP....thanks in advance.