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Heat tape versus Heat Mat

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  • Heat tape versus Heat Mat

    Is there really a difference between heat tape and a heat pad? And is the heat pad place inside a cage or underneath? I assume the tape goes underneath. I have a 35 gallon aquarium and want to do something to regulate the heat. I saw some of Doug's posts on this, but I don't think he described the difference between the two. Plus, I'm sure his cages are much bigger. I just want to get everything right. Thanks

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    Re: Heat tape versus Heat Mat

    I have a 75 gallon fish tank that I'm currently using to house my snake. It is kind of difficult to regulate the temps and humidity through out the tank. But I have found that by putting black garbage bags over the two ends of the tank, around the lamp and putting the lamp on the same side as the heating pad, does help keep the heat and humidity in. Also as far as where to put the heating pads or heat tape. It depends on the pad or tape. Most pads go on the outside of the tank, underneath the tank. But some can go on the inside. It just depends on the heat source and what the regulations are. I have a human heating pad that is designed to be used in dry and wet conditions that I have on the inside of the tank, but my other tanks and a heating pad on the bottom of the outside of the tank.