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Provent-a-mite Good stuff?

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  • Provent-a-mite Good stuff?

    Hi Forum,
     I use provent a mite with all new snakes in my collection for the first two months as a precaution to prevent mite infestation in my herp room,
     I purchased a real sweet ball python on sale for 39.00 he is around 6mos and was very heathy, and only being feed FTM soon to be FTR pups.
      I treated his tank and let it air for a couple hours. and then place his hides and waterdish inside  he was checking the place out and started yawning and acting like he had a bad taste in his mouth almost reching.he was  tasting everything in the tank and may have picked up some powder on his tounge...
      This really concerned me so I removed the snake and let the tank air out over nite.
      I have read in other post that occasionally young snake react to the residual in the cage and start having problems  one owner actual lost his snake.
      in the future I may spray the cage a day or two in advance for them new arrivals and allow a cooling period for the  spray.
     Never had this reaction with RTBoas , maybe young pythons are more sensative or nosy?
      Zeus is fine and doing well....
      Doug   ???

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    Re:Provent-a-mite Good stuff?

    I have heard so many bad things about that product. I went to a reptile show about 2 years ago, this breeder was telling me how it killed 25 baby pythons when he used it. I bought this other product a year ago, the name escapes me. It is in a off white colored bottle. It is environment safe non-toxic. I am at work now, so I do recall the name of that product. It has a pleasant smell.


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      Re:Provent-a-mite Good stuff?

      Hey Scotty,

      If used as directed and properly, Provent-a-mite shouldn't kill your boa like that breeder said. He probably didn't let the substrate air out and dry and just put the snakes in to soon. don't believe anything anyone says untill you get a few opinons. A lot of people here use that like Lee, Steve, and a few others and none of there boa's died. Just a thought.


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        Re:Provent-a-mite Good stuff?

        I guess what I was trying to say was that some snakes IE (baby BP"S) may be a little sensative to PAM, I ve never have seen a problem with a BOA this was a INFO message not a negative critic of PAM I have three cans in my reptile room.
        I Ve seen Gray hound dogs die from flea collars that dosen't bother a poodle one bit... :P
        go figure


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          Re:Provent-a-mite Good stuff?

          Could be pythons are just alittle more suseptable to other things than say a boa would be..To me seems like BP's have weak systems..


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            Re:Provent-a-mite Good stuff?

            I love Prent a Mite. I use it as a precaution very cage cleaning.


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              Re:Provent-a-mite Good stuff?

              I have used a LOT of provent-a-mite and I use it exclusively.

              Provent a mite is not designed to be spayed directly on any animal, and should not be sprayed on a wet environment or water bowl ever.

              Also it does need to thouroughly air out. I will allow at least an hour for the aerosol fumes to clear. The dry powder residue that remains after everything drys and clears is not harmful to the animals.
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