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Vacume sealer for food products

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  • Vacume sealer for food products

    Sorry I posted this on the wrong forum

    Ok I won a bid for a food sealer from Tilia foodsaver vac on Ebay and got it today. It seams to do the job they say it does.(so far) oh by the way I didn't get it for my steak's in the freazer. Has anyone else used a sistem like this and how did it or how does it work for you?

    I got the Delux model 1050 with the vacume seal 1.5Qt canister I use that for my Iguanna food, so I don't have to cut up Veggi's every day. I will post on the results I get from the vacumed rats and how long the veggie's and friut stay's fresh.

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    Re: Vacume sealer for food products

    So far so good with it.

    THe only thing I hate is that when you pack the rats and mice. If you don't freeze them first ya get flat rats and mice expecialy the pinky's. The good thing is you can get bags from Wally world (wal-mart) alot cheaper than online, But the vacume sealer you can get cheaper on E-bay.

    The vac 350 at wally world is $100.00
    Online at E-bay or Tilia online store vac550 about the same price.

    THe bags at wally world 10.00
    online 20.00 plus shipping

    All in all I would say it was worth it. If you shop around