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  • Hello from Edmonton

    Hello, just saying hey to everyone. We (my son and I - not so much my fiance) recently purchased a yearling captive bred Hog Island boa after doing some research and learning all boas don't necessarily get 10 ft long. Have had BP's, corns, kings, garters, etc. and have always wanted a Boa. Just a pet for now although that usually turns into at least one breeding attempt. Super cool, calm and gorgeous.
    I've read a few of the Vosjoli books and am really hoping to get a nice display going with this girl. I'm a hobbiest carpenter and have done some pretty cool room cages for Waterdragons, rack systems and stackable display cages that I built and sold for awhile.
    Right now she's in an Exxo terra with Flexwatt covering the whole bottom set at 80 F and a basking lamp on one side bringing a hot spot up to 95 F or so. She's on paper towel for substrate for a few weeks until she acclimates a bit. She was in a tub system at the breeders.
    I'm researching the Bio active soil that seems to be getting some good press these days. If anyone has any experience keeping big snakes with this type of system please share.
    Anyways, looking forward to talking with some of you.

    Greg, Kole and Ghost

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    Re: Hello from Edmonton

    Welcome here...sorry, I only just noticed your post. Congrats on your new you, I've kept many kinds of snakes over the years, with occasional breeding here & there. Always things to learn & enjoy!
    Lucky that you have the skills to build your own cages too, that's awesome. I have no experience with bio-active soil, maybe someone else has & will chime in? Sounds like a good topic for discussion...

    I realize that you're in a much colder climate than most of us here in the US (& I'm in the south), so I assume that you're using "Flexwatt covering the whole bottom" to keep the temps up, but you might still
    want to leave a corner that's without heat for best results. Most boas need options now & then...the BCI I kept seemed to enjoy the 'cool side' being around 75-77*- she'd spend significant amounts of time
    there. Sounds good using the paper towels for now, that's what I do too...recommended when making sure there's no mites, etc.

    We're glad to have your input here. (even if we are a little "slow"! LOL)


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      Re: Hello from Edmonton

      If ambient heat is needed, you might want to look into a radiant heat panel. They produce no light so they can be kept on all day and night (hooked to a thermostat). Uniform heat across the bottom isn't the best thing in the world for them. Have you looked into the book "The Complete Boa Constrictor" by Vincent Russo? Many refer to this book as "the boa bible". 95°F is too warm for boas on the hot spot. 92°F is better. My girl prefers her hot spot at 88-89°F. Ambient heat is 86°F on the warm side during the day and 85°F at night. Ambient heat is 80°F during on the cool side during the day and 76-78°F at night.


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        Re: Hello from Edmonton

        Welcome to RTB! There are quite a few Canadian members here, you are in good company. Also, we really REALLY like pictures here so post some pics of your new girl once she settles in please.

        Photo credit:Eddie Ard .....Banner Credit:Big PaPa Ernest