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*PICS* North American International Auto Show!

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  • *PICS* North American International Auto Show!

    Well, since we live close enough to the big D. We like to go to the Detroit Auto Show when time permits. This is the first year that my daughter has went. All in all we had a blast! Four years ago was a ton better, but with the economy the way it is...they didn't put as much money in awesome displays. I hope you all enjoy!! Warning! Pic quality is not very good.

    First up is my daughter showing off our love for RTB. Oh yeah, then and there is the Michelin man too. LOL.

    New Hybrid Super Car

    GMC Concept

    Scion Display was cool!

    This is one of the four cylinder engines that we build at work.

    The new Fiat Multi Air engine that our plant will produce in late 2010.

    New Ram mounted to the ceiling!

    Saleen S7 and a few Challengers that were over hauled by Saleen.

    Custom Camaro

    Statue of Joe Lewis and my daughter!

    Detroit Pictures and the GM Head quarters building.

    Thanks for looking!!!

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    Re: *PICS* North American International Auto Show!

    nice jonny. . .im not into cars that much but looking good. . .i did like the last pictures of the city though. . .seeing downtown L.A. all the time makes me forget there's other places out there. . .lol. . .thanks for sharing. . .


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      Re: *PICS* North American International Auto Show!

      The new Challengers and Camaros are sweeeet!! I really like the flat paint job on that purple Camaro. And how cool is that Scion display!!!