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Ipod 2nd gen or 3rd

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  • Ipod 2nd gen or 3rd

    Long story short for Chbristmas my fiancee wants to buy me an ipod touch but we set a 200 limit and I was tolld nothing to do with any reptiles .... I told her I would throw in a few extra for a boaphile but she said no ..I'm off subject now .... the 8 gb touch 3rd gen is 185 b ut I can get a 16gb touch 2nd gen for 200 ..what's the difference between 2nd gen and 3rd and what do you think I should get ?

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    Re: Ipod 2nd gen or 3rd

    I would go with the larger storage device. Both the 2nd and 3rd gen itouch are relatively recent and I think you would miss the storage space if you went with the 8gb version. I have about 40gb of media in my itunes and I hate having to switch things up often for use with my nano.