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The Honeymoon is over!

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  • The Honeymoon is over!

    I download “Parallels” so I can run my numerous Windows programs on the MAC. I download it on the PC and then copy it onto the Mac and try to install it.

    - Nope. The program keeps asking me for a password. User name of Jeff Ronne Sr. is in that field already, but it wants the password.

    - I spend the next two hours trying different things trying to get the password from all the emails that came to me from the Parallels place. I only have three passwords that I use. 3. None of them work so I know they must have sent me one but I can’t find it.

    - After two hours I give up. There is a link in one of the emails to download the latest version. Probably the same as the one I already downloaded but no doubt this path will work. Download a new one. Start to install and BOOM! Exact same stinking thing. 3 passwords and none of them work.

    - I click the “HELP” button on the MAC now thinking maybe the window that kept popping up was an utterly unidentifiable MAC window and not a Parallels window at all. Maybe. Maybe that password was a MAC password. I can’t remember setting up a password on the MAC but maybe I did. So I ask how to reset the password. It tells me to insert my OS disk, click install, then utilities, where after choosing the language, I can reset my password. Simple right?

    - Nope! Why would that be simple? Well because the MAC guys are all genius’s right? Wrong. I click utilities and what pops up? Oh yea baby... gimmi gimmi shock treatment, I mean, gimmi that password that you don’t know and I’ll let you go to the next step. CRAP! I am starting to get diarrhea now!

    - I persevere! I try again. All three passwords fail except on my last attempt this little hint pops up below the password field in ALL CAPITALS telling me thereby what the password is. Oh yea. I set up the password. I did it when I first started the machine the very first time I am sure. However the IDIOTS that did the set up for that puppy made one teeny tiny little mistake! Do you know what that was!?!?

    - Well, when they had me type in the password, they used a dot for each letter. A dot, or bullet point. I typed in my password once. Then a second time in the next field. Two times using this little tiny keyboard that I had never used before, that was clearly made for a very small woman or half grown child to use. Instead of the new computer monitor, designed by the worlds greatest minds, genius’s you know, showing me what I was typing in, I typed blind without once ever thinking that I may have just made my first really big mistake with my MAC. That mistake was assuming that the people who designed this stuff thought the most simple of steps through when they designed their products. If they would have, I would have SEEN that each letter was a CAPITAL letter instead of the lower case letters I learned to ALWAYS use when doing a password. Had that simple little been done, the several hours of completely avoidable frustration would not have occurred. Could they have designed it so that the password was NOT case sensitive like email addresses are or web addresses? Oh yea they sure could have, but only IF THEY WERE GENIUS'S which they clearly are not.

    - So you think my problems are over? Oh no. Hardly. Now after typing in my password with all the letters in the incorrect higher case, the stinking machine is installing the OS without giving me an option to change my password and just avoid all that. No doubt the version that is being installed right now as I type on my far more predictable PC, which I have far more reason to hate, is an older version than the updated version I had already downloaded.

    - So here I am starting from scratch all because I typed in my password the first time blind not even for a moment thinking that the case might be the opposite of what my standard is for such.

    - My first experience now with the MAC is not different than the 100 fights I have with my PC. It’s just that right now the resentment I have had with perfect justification for my many PCs is shifting to the MAC with which I so wanted to be in love...
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    Re: The Honeymoon is over!

    No problems on my PC