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  • Help me... Help me...


    Here is my new camera...

    It is the Canon Powershot G3

    4 megapixal, 4 x optical zoom.

    I have a 256MB compactflash and a 64MB compact flash cards..

    It also takes 3 minute movies, so I hope to upload some feeding/breeding movies soon...

    I have yet to take pics of snakes with it.. I hope it makes a big difference.

    My problem has always been lighting... incandescent, florescent etc
    Nothing works for me...

    Please help with light options for me.. (and maybe others)

    Also you know the powershot brand, what option for flash would help?
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    -Clay English
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    Re:Help me... Help me...

    Hey Clay,

    Good question.

    Normal florecents give off a green cast and regular light bulbs give off a yellow cast. Now if your using a flash it should matter unless you are shooting a big area. If you are going to use indoor lighting with no flash you can either get 5000K balanced florecent (any home store) They cost abit more, but they are balanced.

    Natural sun light is about 5300K temp. SO anything from 5000k-5500K will work great. If you get a bulb with higher then 5500K you will end up with a blue tint to your pics. Most Florecent bulbs do have the K rating temp on its package. The normal work light floecent is about 3200k to 4000k. That is why they make things green in pics.

    If you are shooting traditional film and not digital that same applys, but there is a two Fuji films out that have a 4th layer that filters out the green from Florecent lights. The film is Fuji Reala and Fuji Supera.

    Hope that helps and makes sence..