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Best printer For PICS????

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  • Best printer For PICS????

    Hi forum,
    I had a really bad lexmark printer that came with my camera, and I ve been reading that printer review on and they had praises for the epsom printer s so I bought a reconditioned printer on e-bay and man snakes alive the pictures are so clean I made some copies of that hogisland on phot o paper and its better than I expected.
    Another neat thing epsom printers is the ink seems to resist fading some of the pictures i took with my lexmark have faded a bit in a year..

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    Re:Best printer For PICS????

    Hey Doug,

    Got the perfect answer for you. I would 110% suggest looking into the epson printers. If you want to be able to print real large, look at the Epson 2200, if you want to save a few bucks get the model just before that and that would be the Epson 1280. I still use both of these for model prints and to keep my portfolio updated. If you want to save even more money, get an old Epson 1200 Photo. All give great results on the Epson Preimum quality photo paper. Stick with the high gloss. All are used by myself and several other professional shooters I know. You will not be sorry. The hardest part is to get the color profile setup. After that its cake..

    Good Luck, hope this helped..