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Color CHange with close-up??

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  • Color CHange with close-up??

    still learning I took a couple of a young male guyana and the closer I took the picture the lighter he looked is that the flash or do I need a filter on the flash???

    the second picture was to light and dosen't really show his burgandy tail..
    doug :P
    tried to tone it down a bit but it went red.. geeze..

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    Re:Color CHange with close-up??

    Hey Doug,

    The reason for the color change is the flash is maintaining fully power when you are close to the subject.. Because it is washing out the natural color, the camera is trying to stablize it, but that almost never works..

    On thing you need to double check is when you do a close up of anything, look for the center mark of the camera, the little box or X or cross hairs, the part you see when you focus the camera.. That is where your camera meters in center weight metering. Make sure you pick a mid tone to be in the center of your image. something like a mid grey color or the mid color of your boa and take a close up pic with the flash, then the next frame try to but the blac on your snake in the middle and then the lightest color your boa has and take that pic.. Check those images out.. If one look right, just keep that in mind and you will know your camera can use its metering system to balance out the flash wash. if you get the same results, you will need to filter the flash down. The easiest and cheapest way to do this is start with a small piece of tissue paper, tape it in place and try it, you may have to add several pieces till you get it on the mark. That should work. Let me know and see how your results worked out..

    Sorry my head has been thumping all day.. You should also see if your camera has a way to cut the flash power down to say half.. Some digitals can do this, some can't . Worth looking into..

    Hope this helped a little..



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      Re:Color CHange with close-up??

      Thanks for the info not sure if my camera has any adjustments other than set up will try the paper..
      I have noticed that if the window blinds are open the pictures seem more clear and have better color.
      I do have light settings on the camera maybe the auto isn't the best choice.


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        Re:Color CHange with close-up??

        Doug I feel you pain!!! Those are the hard shots for me as well. I know my problem is lighting, or the lack of a proper flash.

        Maybe we can get Steve to take our pictures for us.
        To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

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          Re:Color CHange with close-up??

          Hey Guys,

          Bring those snakes over.. I need some new subjects..

          Keep one thing in mind when shooting closeup with flash. The color of the background or base around your subject will bounce up onto the snake..

          A bit of a hint. If you are searing pics looking to by a snake and if you find a killer looking redtail with super redtail, if the snake is on a red background, don't believe the reds until you see them in person..