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  • Q's For Doug....

    8)Hey Doug, i was wondering if by any chance you would happen to know the best online or off line place to purchase a Weeping Red Japanese maple??? Whats the care like of these ornamental trees??? Theres one other tree i fell inlove with and i think its a weeping cherry, not to sure on that.. But it is a weeping tree that dont get to massive....

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    Re: Q's For Doug....

     WOw something I know about...
     Hey I love them dwarf maples. The one thing I ve noticed is many are grown in the nursery chopped out of the ground leaving most of the roots behind and then placed in a pot with clay soil for moisture Wrapped in bulap.. lost a couple before I finally relaized somethin was wrong with the tree's and when I dug it up was I mad. I spent around 50.00 buck for that maple..
     I ve seen them at wall mart in a tiny pot barely1 y/o and that is ther perfect size they are around 10.00that size. They can be grown from seeds never tried
     I ve never ordered any trees on line. It could be risky and many  are nursery grown ripped out of the ground and may die in a year. Or they send you a twig that's 6 inches long with no leaves.   One the size of mine would be between 600.00 to 1,000 buck at a good nursery so growing them can be profitable. if you have a few years to waste.. Mine is proably around 5 years old. Those rich people will pay anything for their weekend garden they throw up over nite. they don't want to wait they want the effect now..

     Mine dosen't like full sun so I make sure to place them some what in the shade of another group of tree's they can get sunburn when its really hot. I like those 1/2  wisky barrels for growing them, they can grow in a built up bed. You need drain holes and I use pieces of clay pots in the bottom of the barrel to assist drainage. I do the same with all my potted plants.

    try to trim them in an umbrella like shape watch for suckers coming out at the base. Any they don'e like strong fertilizer or many insectasides...   Geezee  they are pretty though.
     Doug  ;D


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      Re: Q's For Doug....

      I love those maples and weeping cherry trees.
      As Doug said.... save the money and buy from a reputable greenhouse/nursery. Ask the nursery about a "warranty" on the tree too.


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        Re: Q's For Doug....

        8)Thanks Doug for the info, these are just few other ornamental trees i would like to have around my house that im gona check into..

        ( Lily-of-the-Valley Tree ) This tree gets tons of white flowers in July and then when first frost hits it turns a flaming red..


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          Re: Q's For Doug....

          8)Thats it thats the name of the other tree i couldnt remember a Weeping Cherry... Thanks Storm... there is also this tree to its called a Wisteria tree.. It comes in several flower colors, pink, white and also a blue but i think it looks more purple to me.... I like the blue flowerd one better than the pink....


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            Re: Q's For Doug....

            Sweet pic Doug...  Man Im really jealous (spell) s34.gif now s34.gif.. i really want a pond in my yard. someplace where i can go to zone out and get lost in my thoughts ;D