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  • HOg Island feeding picS

    I have a special ritual I go thru to feed my Hog island she's a sweet snake but likes a little action on feeding day.
     SO I usally thaw a couple med and toss them next to her and let her think about it for about an hour.
     Then I return and tap her on the side with the rat head, she usally sniffs and tries to get my hand , hehehe
     The we play a little tug -a-war and I caught her cheating today  here's the evidence;..  Geeze I thought she was getting stronger..

    this is where I started to loose my hand hold on the rat???

    I finally notice her tail was out of the cage and gripping the side,, jeeze the sneak. or is that snake

    SO if your boa seems stronger than normal chek that tail they can cheat too.
     Doug ;D
     the new reining champ at tug of war. Cheater too

    post feeding a couple  large med rats, alittle smug but no hostility... :P

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    Re: HOg Island feeding picS

    8)Excellent shots Doug, shes very pretty, looks like shes telling ya, "Im not sharing my food with you no more." hehehehe!!! ;D


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      Re: HOg Island feeding picS

      Very nice Doug. Is that one of the Hoggs from Clay? It definately looks like the Sears bloodline.


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        Re: HOg Island feeding picS

        Thanks for the nice comments, This baby came from mr C English and is becoming one of my favorites, her's a baby pic of her.
        The hogs really shine after a couple years, and are very managable as pets.


        This little guy came from another litter a year later I hope he shows as nice as her he seems prettier than rose was at the same age.He's one of CLays babies too  . maybe someday there's gonna be baby hogs ??? ???. Hogs take a while to grow but they are really worth the wait.....      
          his name is Danior  ( (born with teeth))
         He's a pistol right now most baby hogs are..hehe as long as I don't actually touch him he just glares... (( He's trying to look tough))
        he's getting ready to reach out and touch someone.. :

        Love them Hoggs,,,  DOug

        psps the reason he's in the shoe box, is he seems happier in it and feeding much easier since the transfer , he also had a habit of trying to get in the che' cover which he managed to do twice got a little neck burn too, so I ve isolated him until he's to fat to try and squeeze thru the wire cover's.. the opening are the size of pencel he's twice as thick or thicker maybe his name should be houdini.. :


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          Re: HOg Island feeding picS

          gosh dang what a bueaty..!!!!!