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switching for live to f/t

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  • switching for live to f/t

    as some of you know my ball pyton wouldnt touch frozen and was eating live and i got an ideal what i did was..ok...i feed him in a little pull out droor so what i did was slice a long line down the droor and stuck the mouses tail threw it and pulled him back and forth to make it look like he was alive first of all he strkied at it then backed off then i did it again and sure enouph he got it so maybe i can keep him on f/t... ;D im pretty happy about this.......!!!!!!

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    Re: switching for live to f/t



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      Re: switching for live to f/t

      I want to tell you've done a good thing converting that BP to thawed. Try and track the feedings so you don't try and feed early this will be flustrating. Remember as the animal ages you can space out the feedings to two or three weeks check on that Python forum,,, depending on shed and such. BP's usally look hungry when they are ready to feed. They be hunting at dusk..
         I trained mine to evently feed in an colman ICe cooler, I put the BP in the box. tossed in the warm thawed rat closed and locked the lid checked back in an hour and no RAT...just a bp looking all fat and smirk.
           Be careful feeding in the cage he may start to track your hand when he's hungry they got grrrreaaat heat sensors in the face..
         You may get a little nip one day. :P :P. he's not mean just hungry..hehe
      congrats on the conversion..


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        Re: switching for live to f/t

        We had some difficulty with ours, but moving it with the tongs after warming it thoroughly in hot water was a success. That success though was after trying about 10 times. We refuse to feed live so these two needed to get very hungry before it worked. The 2 balls we have here eat every 2 to 3 weeks now, but they are very healthy.