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My New RTB

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  • My New RTB

    hey all,

    as some of you know i was looking for a rtb and found one and he just came in today and i am so happy ;D ne ways i will get some piccs of him after he settles in and his colers are GREAT very bright little guy sweety too. b22.gif


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    Re: My New RTB

    Congrats on your new addition. Hope it is doing well.


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      Re: My New RTB

      Congragulations. Hope everything works out for you.


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        Re: My New RTB

        congrats on your new snake, where did you end up getting him from?


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          Re: My New RTB

          well i found this really neat place the guy that helped me was so cool he took pictures took over an hour picking 1 out for me he went and did every thing that i wanted till i was satisfied. the place is called feeders emporium corp. really good place and when the snake came in he was so calm, really sweet and, doin great so if any one lookin for a red tail thats a good place to buy from with a really cheep price!!

          and there captive born and bred from like a 6th generation