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Guinea Pig Question

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  • Guinea Pig Question

    Hope this is the right forum.

    But what do you guys think of Guinea pigs as a food source?

    I know it might be too late for me to ask since I have ordered about 60 something plus of them.

    But what are your opinions.


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    Re: Guinea Pig Question

    Hi Richie,

    Guinea pigs for boas are ok, only thing is you may end up with a fat boa. Guinea pigs are high in fat, real high. If you are getting them anyway, you may want to alter the feedings, say 2 rat feedings to every G. Pig feeding..

    Steve Clark


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      Re: Guinea Pig Question

      oh no !! fat female boas.

      that is good..I am trying to fatten up my females.

      specially the one that was not at all ready to breed.
      Thyen boom she got gravid.
      I guess temporarily storing opposite boas together while you fix your basement can lead to snake sex.


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        Re: Guinea Pig Question

        I was going to say it is a good thing if you are trying to breed the big suchas.... The G. pigs. are a great thing for putting on weight for breeding...
        Eric aka....Red