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just got back frm meeting clay

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  • just got back frm meeting clay

    well we have been back a bit . weve been watching our new baby crawl in his new home he really likes it!!! we were very very impressed with clay and the baby he is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!well gorgeous aint even the word for it hes  beyond that the pics were beautiful of him but when hes in your hand hes 10000000000000000 times prettier! and our other baby rosie well clay got to meet her and well a name change is in order lmao she turned out to be a boy!!!!!! so her new official name is rusty and our new baby is dusty. rusty and dusty aint that just soooooo cute!!!! if you havent ever boughten a snake from clay do it youll definatley get your moneys worth. i am about the happiest person in the world right now. its like christmas in april here!!!!!!!! as soon as i get a good photo opp of them together ill post them cuddling with each other!!!! ttfn

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    Re: just got back frm meeting clay

    day 2
    well its amazing how my 2 babies personalities are so different. rusty my first lil one thinks hes attached to his hide box with glue, never comes out except when your not looking. and our new baby dusty he dont care for a hide box he content crawling on the limbs or chilling the the snake hammock, and he is soooo sweet, curious and so laid back im loving it,!!!!!!!right now so as to not be partial i have 2 snakes crawling all over my head, it makes it really hard to type but its cute!!!! i know i have said this about 3 million times in messages but THANKS THANK THANKS THANKS MR MR MR MR MR CLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!